LEaF’s feature in the Yorkshire Business Review

Ethics is, and has always been, at the heart of LEaF Translations. Since founder, Lucy, established the translation company in 2017, ethical practice, sustainability, and care for the people and environment around us has been at the forefront of LEaF’s mission.

In the latest edition of the Yorkshire Business Review, Nadia Jefferson-Brown interviewed Lucy to find out more about the company’s ethical principles and Lucy’s motivation to set up LEaF Translations. Starting from the beginning of her ethical journey, Lucy shares that people are at the centre of LEaF’s values and goes on to talk about all that the business has achieved over the past few years.

Our core values

Here at LEaF, we believe that not only can we strive to be the best translation company around, but we can also be so much more than that. As you can see from our mission statement, we work hard to show that businesses, no matter how big or small, can be ethical and make a difference to the world around us. Our goal is to help other businesses grow and improve, as well as supporting our clients, colleagues and future generations. Most importantly, we care – so why wouldn’t you want to work with us?

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Our fabulous clients

We get to work with many amazing companies at LEaF, some of which share our ethical values. One example is the green tech company Caphenia who convert carbon into fuel. Like LEaF Translations, Caphenia want to make the world a better place, therefore they are the perfect fit for us and it has been an honour to provide them with professional translations. Similarly, VIVANI, an organic, fair trade chocolate company, is another one of our clients with ethics at the heart of their business. We have been providing them with German to English translations since 2019 and look forward to continue working alongside them. We are thrilled to be able to help these fabulous companies, and more, to reach more clients and grow their businesses.

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Our achievements

As part of LEaF’s mission to create a positive impact on the environment, we teamed up with Ecologi in 2020 and have accomplished so much within that time. Through our work, we have planted over 850 trees and offset more than 30 tonnes of carbon! We have also supported some brilliant climate projects such as: protecting the Amazon from deforestation in Brazil, delivering clean drinking water to Haiti and turning waste biogas into electricity in Thailand, as well as many more. We couldn’t be prouder of all we have achieved in such a short space of time, proving that any and all businesses can make a big difference.

Lucy sums up to the Yorkshire Business Review that it is not complicated to have and run an ethical business, it simply means “running a company so it gives back more than it takes – to the planet, to the community and to its employees”. We hope that we can inspire other businesses to follow our lead. To find out more, read the full article here.    

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About the Author


Kitty Trewhitt is a translation project manager at LEaF Translations. She oversees each phase of the translation project and keeps in contact with both the client and linguists throughout the process. Besides managing our projects, Kitty also translates and proofreads texts from French and Italian into English, as well as creating LEaF’s monthly newsletter and managing the company social media accounts.