Our language combinations.

A range of languages, always the same high-quality translations

Our translation company began back in 2017 with a focus on German to English translations, but we are not ones to rest on our laurels. Thanks to our ever-growing team of highly experienced, expert human translators, we have been providing professional translation services for a wide variety of languages since 2019. Some of our most common languages include French, Italian, Spanish (European and LatAm), Portuguese (including Brazilian Portuguese), Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Polish, as well as Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

Whatever language combination you require, get in touch and find out more about how we can help.

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Our passion? Languages

To be a translator you need to know at least two languages inside out. For most of us, that means studying a second language, living abroad and immersing ourselves in a different culture. But knowing two languages fluently is not enough to be a good translator. Translation is a skill in itself and one that needs to be honed for many years.

Here at LEaF, we recognise the importance of the translations we provide. They do not just need to convey the meaning and the tone of the original; they need to be able to stand on their own two feet as texts in their own right.

Translation is not just about writing texts in a different language – it is about crafting words that intrigue, excite, impress and win over your customers in their own languages.

Language combinations

Our main languages include:

German translations


German is where it all began for LEaF. Lucy, our founder, has been providing German to English translations to some of the biggest names in German business since 2006. 

Our German translations include both German to English translations and English to German translations, and range from marketing translations to the translation of websites, social media posts and the translation of different documents.

Spanish translations


LEaF’s team of expert Spanish translators provides professional Spanish translations – both from Spanish into English and vice versa. 

Perhaps you need a Spanish passport translating into English or you want to attract Spanish-speaking customers to your website or business.

With our high-quality Spanish translations – LEaF is your perfect partner.

French translations


Our French translations include French to English translations, English to French translations and more. 

Our expert translators come from a range of backgrounds, so your translation is always in the best possible hands – whether it is for marketing, a website or a certified translation of an official document.

Our French translators are real experts at their craft.

Italian translations


We provide Italian translations from both English and French into Italian. From certified English to Italian translations to translating English marketing materials into Italian for an Italian-speaking audience.
We can translate websites, documents and even social media posts.

Whether you need an Italian translation for your business or for a passport application, get in touch to find out how LEaF can help.

As well as our four main languages, we also translate numerous other languages and cover many different regions from Brazil all the way to South Korea!

We have a wonderfully talented team of highly experienced, native-speaker translators with a great passion for their work combined with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. All of our translations are proofread by a second experienced translator to ensure that the content is of a very high standard.

We are proud to have worked on a wide variety of projects, in many different languages including website and blog translations, Amazon listings, multilingual keyword research and SEO translation projects to name but a few.

2,000 trees planted and counting…

A translation company that cares

There are hundreds of translation companies in the world, all declaring that they can translate any text into any language combination. Here at LEaF, we don’t promise the earth. We know what we are good at and we focus all our energies on being the very best that we can be.

Unlike many other translation agencies, we are not driven by dreams of world domination. We are driven by a desire to do good. We want to have a positive impact on the world and on the society around us and to inspire others to do the same. And, the best way to achieve that? To be the translation company that cares.

We care about our people. First and foremost, that means you. We want to help like-minded folk increase their impact too. And we do that by translating your websites, your documents, your flyers and your social media posts into the languages that your customers speak. We know that the quality of your marketing is essential to your brand – whatever language it is written in – and we promise to do it justice with our professional translations.