Website translation services

Challenging standard translation with local know-how

Digital marketing needs to send the right message in every language. Whether you’re promoting a growing brand or exporting into new markets, the results hinge on a strong website translation.

That’s why you need a translator you can trust. At LEaF, it’s not just about using the right words. It’s about localisation.

Pro tip: If you want to show up on your potential customers’ search results, your website needs to be available in their language. The Google Translate plugin will not help you here.

Website translation services

What do we mean by localisation?

In an increasingly global world, a machine translation simply doesn’t cut it. These tools may be useful for a quick overview or to better understand context, but if we’re speaking to customers, we need to use their native tongue.

Professional translators know more than the grammar principles of their target language. They understand the cultural nuances, dialectical differences and changes in tone depending on the context.  When paired with digital services such as website translation, this covers SEO and knowledge of localised keywords – not just a simple machine translation.

Why do I need a website localisation service?

First and foremost, your brands will fail to resonate with their target audience if they don’t speak the native language. According to a Gallup poll conducted on behalf of the European Union, nine in 10 website users choose sites written in their mother tongue.

Let’s say you’ve hopped over the first hurdle – you’re using a translator plugin. Problem solved? Not quite.

Professional translation guides your UX.

Your clients are looking for the best user experience possible. If you’re not using the right vocabulary, you’re likely to see high bounce rates and abandoned baskets. How can we convince others to buy from an international brand if said brand doesn’t understand their audience?

Website translation features in the user experience and design code of ethics – it’s not a tick box exercise. It’s a proven driver of revenue, trust and customer satisfaction.

What else does user experience affect? Search engine optimisation.

A word from our clients

Recommended for reliable, fast, high-quality and fairly priced translations! LEaF Translations is our partner of choice

– Dr Mark Misselhorn, Caphenia

VIVANI recommends LEaF Translations

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the really fast turnaround and the thorough translations, which were perfect for our requirements. It was a pleasure to work with LEaF. We are very happy customers!

– Alexander Kuhlmann, VIVANI chocolate

kleine print logo

I worked with Lucy as part of a full German to English website translation project for a shared client. She was very easy to work with and very professional. The translations were excellent and were a perfect match for the specific voice of the company in question. I would definitely recommend LEaF Translations!

– Suzanne Frankenfeld, Kleine Prints

shesmile recommends LEaF Translations

I am really happy with the work. LEaF delivered precisely what I needed in a very short space of time and in a way that I could easily fit into my existing documents. And all of this at a really amazing price. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending LEaF!

– Elisabeth Steger, shesmile

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the problem with google translate

Google Translate will not help your website rank.

For global success, you should expect your customers, or your clients’ target markets, to conduct searches in multiple languages. Search engines only rank the native content of the page – not the machine translation.

That’s why you need an individual website translation for every one of your target languages. That way, you can target the right keywords based on user location and intent, anywhere in the world. There’s little benefit in promising great search engine rankings if you can only do so in one language.

How our professional translation service works

We’ve worked with marketing agencies, export companies and freelancers far and wide to provide a thorough website localisation service. The process involves research, translation and user experience considerations – all starting with native speakers.

It goes a little something like this:

  1. You come to us with your client’s or brand’s translation needs. We’ll ask you about the target language, the geographical region (Spain or Latin America, for example), your tone of voice and your specific aims. Are you trying to sell, inform or persuade? Are you informal or business-like?
  2. We’ll ask for a list of ‘seed’ English keywords. Then we’ll assign you a native translator who understands the cultural nuances of different regions (coche in Spain or carro in Latin America, for example).
  3. Our freelance translator team will conduct thorough keyword research using target language tools and multilingual search engines, for example, Naver for South Korea or Baidu for China.
  4. You’ll receive a full keyword glossary to guide your future content marketing. We’ll explain any differences between keywords and machine translations, and the user intention behind each.
  5. Depending on what you’ve asked for, be it a website or document, you’ll get a full, native translation from certified experts – incorporating those all-important keywords.

We can also help you with the boring stuff that ticks those search engine boxes. Think title tags and writing metadata – two necessary evils!

Why you can rest assured

With multilingual SEO and cultural understanding at the helm, LEaF offers fully certified translators and expert technical knowledge. We’re not afraid to use machines where they can help not hinder. Using professional translation software to ensure consistency across translations, create translation memories and glossaries, we’ll help you communicate your message across the globe.

Every project is proofread by a second translator for accuracy, clarity and cultural relevance. We’ll also guide you on localisation factors such as currency and other international symbols.

Website translation services

Make your mark – don’t miss the mark!

We’ve all heard the horror stories of bad translations ruining a brand’s reputation. You’ve been entrusted with growing the brand’s profile internationally – so don’t rely on a machine to do the legwork.

Only with the right digital considerations can brands truly ‘go global’. From user experience to search engines and dialect variations, a human translation is the only approach.

Language combinations

Speaking your language

Ask LEaF about website translations and multilingual keyword research in:

…and many more!

We don’t just outsource to anybody.

We choose the best native translators who have the digital savvy to research your target keywords and help your clients rank in their target countries.

If that wasn’t enough…

Book a translation. Save the world.

We’re proud to be a fully carbon-neutral translation agency. In 2020, we partnered with Ecologi to offset our carbon emissions and do our bit to save the planet.

Smart translation tools to guarantee quality website translations

We use the latest software from SDL Trados and Smartcat to ensure that we can provide high-quality, professional translations that include consistent terminology, the best keywords for your target market and a consistent writing style.

Here at LEaF we have a lot to say about machine translation (and not much of it is good!) but we don’t shun technology altogether. We recognise the value that translation software brings – it helps our expert human translators to create high-quality, professional translations through the use of translation memories, termbases and quality assurance processes.

We create a new translation memory and termbase for each and every client to ensure that terminology is used consistently (even where translation jobs are months or even years apart). This also means that we can work out whether there are any repeated phrases between translations.

Professional translation solutions

Vital statistics

Plant the seed and watch your clients grow today. Studies show that an investment in localisation offers myriad benefits:

6 x more engagement for locally targeted content
78% of online shoppers will buy from a localised website
86% more click-throughs and conversions for localised campaigns.

We love our customers.
Your customers will love you too!

With results like this, there’s no better argument for professional translation and localisation.

Website translation services

Case study: professional website translation for the Resort Mark Brandenburg, Germany

The four-star Resort Mark Brandenburg is a luxury spa and conference hotel with a stunning lakeside location in Neuruppin, Germany. Back in 2018, we were approached to provide the English-language content for their website redesign – our expertise in tourism translations made us the perfect partner.

For this German to English website translation project, we worked directly with the XML files to make it easier for the web development company to upload the translations. We are able to work directly with source files for website translation projects, or we can provide the translations as Word documents or in other formats as required.

“We are extremely satisfied and, as we are just beginning our English-language marketing, I will definitely be in touch again.”
Laura Stönner, Marketing Director, Resort Mark Brandenburg

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