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From company presentations to annual reports, staff magazines to marketing content: the experts at LEaF Translations are here to translate and localise your business communications.

Not sure which content to translate and localise? We have a wealth of experience in the translation of corporate communications and are here to assist you on your translation journey. Do you want your texts to sound both authentic and persuasive? Our translators are all experienced native speakers with a passion for language. Does your company have sustainability criteria for its suppliers? We have been carbon-positive since 2020 and would love to become your carbon-neutral translation provider

Our translation service for business communications stands out from the crowd: 

  • We specialise in high-quality translations, covering all the main European languages.
  • We are all experienced, native-speaker translators with a passion for writing.
  • We care about sustainability – our translations are all carbon-neutral.

Our professional translators have decades of experience and a real passion for words. And we only work with a select few – we don’t boast about a network of 1,000s of translators, instead we work with a small group of trusted translators, so we can guarantee accurate translations adapted to the culture in question.

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Why should you translate your international business communications?

“Should I translate my business communications?” A question that faces all companies with international employees, clients or partners. And the simple answer? Yes! By translating your corporate communications into your target audiences’ native languages, you help to forge a common understanding, a sense of loyalty and, perhaps more importantly, to avoid misunderstandings. Here at LEaF Translations, we don’t just translate – we pay close attention to ensure that our professional translations are adapted to reflect cultural differences.

We translate business communications with a high level of linguistic skill and intercultural understanding.

After all, every country, culture and region has its own idiosyncrasies. Germans tend to be more direct than their Swiss counterparts, and this should be reflected in the language used. Active self-promotion is far more common in the USA than in Europe. Our highly experienced translators know to respect the preferences of their target audience – we translate into our local language, for our own culture, so we know exactly what is appropriate and what isn’t.

Why you should translate your business communications: 

  • Forge understanding
  • Avoid misunderstandings
  • Respect cultural differences
  • Increase trust

If you want to precisely tailor your business communications to a specific target audience, you should consider a localisation. This is especially important for marketing content. Marketing texts are designed to sell an idea, service or product. As such, it is essential that your customers can read them in their own language and in a version that reflects their local culture. 

Do I need to translate all types of business communications?

You definitely don’t need to translate every piece of content created within the company. So, when is it worthwhile working with the professionals at LEaF Translations to get your business communications translated or localised? In short, whenever the texts need to be of a high quality, properly understood and targeted at a specific audience, and when the target audience is a large or important group of international employees, customers or business partners.

Business communications that should be professionally translated:Business communications that generally don’t need to be professionally translated: 
Staff magazinesRegular emails
Marketing contentTexts with a limited target audience
Annual reportsContent only relevant to one language

The difference between internal and external business communications

Not all corporate communication is the same. One factor is decisive when it comes to translation: the tone of a text differs depending on whether it is internal or external business communication and on the target audience in question:

  • Internal business communication takes place within a company, among employees or between employees and the management
  • Exteral business communication is targeted to a specific audience outside of the company. The target audience can include customers, business partners, the general public, the media or investors.

LEaF Translations translates and localises your internal and external business communications so it always hits the right tone.

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Want LEaF to be your translation partner?

Choose your words carefully when it comes to external business communication

High-quality translations play a decisive role, particularly in external business communication. This type of communication is generally targeted at more people and has more different target audiences than internal business communication. Not least because external business communication often has a direct influence on sales and, therefore, turnover.

In order to ensure that external business communication appeals to the target audience in question, the tone of voice must be exactly right and every word carefully chosen. Getting the language spot on is one of our favourite challenges at LEaF Translations.

Website localisations & marketing translations

A company’s website is its shop window, while marketing texts are the classic sales medium. In order to translate these properly, you need linguistic skill, local cultural knowledge and a talent for writing.

At LEaF Translations, we have all of this in spades, and we specialise in website translations and marketing translations.

Translation of corporate brochures

Companies use brochures and leaflets to present their products and services. Professionally translated company brochures help to persuade your target audience to work with you and thus represent effective advertising for your company.

The best way to reach an international audience is to speak their language. If you are looking to target customers overseas, make sure you work with LEaF Translations to localise your company brochures.

Translation of sales catalogues

When it comes to sales catalogues and product catalogues, it is essential that they are well-written and interesting – whatever the language. If you can achieve this, they can help you to win over customers, boost sales and improve your brand image.

When we translate sales catalogues, we always have your customers in mind. Our native-speaker translators are extremely knowledgeable about local cultural differences and preferences, and always ensure that these are reflected in the final text.

Translation of PDF files, presentations and slide decks

Do you want to translate PDFs, PowerPoint presentations and slide decks for an external audience? The very nature of these types of texts means that they are highly likely to contain information that is of great importance to your company. As such, an accurate translation is key.

Translation of blogs and press releases

The same applies to press releases and blog posts, which you use to inform your customers about news, new products and special offers. Long-form blog posts are now often a key part of a website’s SEO strategy – as such, in this case it isn’t just about ensuring an excellent translation, the foreign-language version also needs to be optimised for SEO. Luckily, we’re experts in keyword localisation and SEO translation, so we are the perfect translation company to entrust with your blog translation and digital PR.

Translation of annual reports

When it comes to translating annual reports, you need accuracy, reliability and technical expertise. In short, the figures need to add up. Regardless of the type of report, your business translations are in good hands with LEaF Translations.

Translation of business correspondence

Business correspondence covers all forms of writing that occurs during day-to-day business. Expert translations from LEaF Translations allow you to communicate professionally with your overseas customers and business partners. This helps to build trust, increases customer loyalty and ensures that your company is presented in the most positive light.

What do we mean by business correspondence?

  • Translation of privacy policies, T&Cs, legal notices, etc.
  • Translation of flyers
  • Translation of menus, room information, etc.
  • Translation of enquiries and quotes
  • Translation of important emails
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Work with LEaF for native speakers with local cultural knowledge

This is exactly why our native-speaker translators always translate into their mother tongue, for their own local culture. We believe it is the only way to ensure that your content is translated and localised properly – to produce a text that is not just error-free, but that truly stands out thanks to its locally crafted nuances.

After all, when it comes to a high-quality localisation, it is not just the choice of words and the context that matter – it is also the emotions and associations that the content evokes. Only professional native-speaker translators have the skill and finesse to achieve this.

Machine translation & AI – a word of warning

Machine translation tools and artificial intelligence have come on leaps and bounds in recent years. Some are now even able to translate idioms correctly. But not all and not always.

Despite all the algorithms, language lives and breathes through the images and emotions it evokes in people. And who is better able to achieve this same effect in translations and localisations – AI or highly experienced translators from the local culture?

Here at LEaF Translations we have decades of experience in translation and localisation and we are convinced: the more emotive the messaging in a text, the more important it is to work with expert native-speaker translators to ensure the localised version is as effective.

Translate your internal business communication the right way

When it comes to translating internal business communication, the focus is sometimes on the tone of voice and sometimes on relaying precise information. We’re experts in both – LEaF Translations is your reliable partner for business translations.

Translation of staff magazines

Staff and employee magazines serve as a source of information and a way of forging a sense of togetherness among workers. Professional translation guarantees that your staff magazine is understood by your employees across the globe and makes everyone feel included.

Translation of internal training

This type of internal business communication is all about getting the facts and instructions right. Internal training helps to increase the knowledge and expertise of employees and to optimise internal processes. Translations from LEaF ensure that your staff are properly informed, whatever their native language.

Translation of internal presentations

Just like training materials, when it comes to translating internal presentations, the focus is on making the important content accessible to all. Regardless of whether the content is designed to inform, persuade or educate, it needs to be clear, understandable and to the point. Translations from LEaF Translations ensure that you keep your employees on side.

Translation of employee surveys

Whether a witty article in the staff magazine or important information for the HR department or management: by having your staff surveys professionally translated, you can ensure that no-one is left out the loop. Our native-speaker translators are masters of linguistic and cultural nuances and translate employee surveys with skill and style.

Translation of intranet content, internal news and company newsletters

You almost certainly don’t want to translate every piece of content in your company’s intranet or every piece of internal news. But translation is certainly worthwhile in some cases, not least when it comes to the company newsletter. LEaF Translations has a wealth of experience in translating company newsletters and more.

Translation of internal emails

These days, a huge amount of internal business communication takes place via email. From simple arrangements to big decisions. If you have a particularly important email – perhaps documenting processes within the company, addressing a controversial issue or resolving a conflict – then it can be worth translating. Regardless of the reason, if you are looking to translate internal emails, LEaF Translations is here to help.

Translation of company memos

Company memos range from short reminders to comprehensive statements or memoranda. The former demands concise language, while the others are more about accuracy and using the right tone of voice. Whether short or long – LEaF Translations is your partner for translating company memos.

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Your partner for business translations

Regardless of the channel and type of text – if you are looking for a translation partner with genuine expertise, you’ve come to the right place.

We have decades of experience when it comes to translating business communications and would love to be your reliable partner for business translations.