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At LEaF, we don’t pretend that we can do everything: we are not machines. We don’t have a network of thousands of translators. And we can’t translate every language. Sorry.

But we are experts in what we do: namely, providing high-quality translations for the main European languages.

We work with a small pool of expert translators, so that we can offer the best possible translation service in our language combinations.

Working with LEaF

Working with LEaF means direct contact with Lucy, your project manager. It means knowing exactly who is translating your text – we don’t outsource work to just anyone; instead, we work with a small pool of experts and we are more than happy to tell you about their background and their qualifications. Working with LEaF means a fast and friendly, personalised service with quality you can rely on. And it means very competitive pricing: we keep our overheads low to keep your costs down.

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So what do we translate?

Website Translations


We live in a global world and with a multilingual website you can reach potential customers far beyond your own national borders. We can help you translate your website into the main European languages, so that you can open your business up to the world.

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Marketing Translations


When it comes to marketing, language is everything. LEaF creates high-quality, bespoke translations of your marketing materials, from business communications to PowerPoints to sales brochures and product catalogues.

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Advertising & PR

LEaF TranslationsLEaF TranslationsLEaF Translations

From website headlines and taglines to advertising slogans, brochures, press releases and flyers - here at LEaF, we think outside the box to get your message across.

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Tourism Translations


Tourists speak a whole host of different languages. Find out how LEaF can help you attract more guests with a multilingual website, and can work its magic on your marketing materials so that you can focus on being fully booked.

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A wealth of experience

LEaF was founded back in 2017 and since then we have translated everything from websites to sales brochures to press releases to PowerPoint presentations to staff magazines. Chief Translator Lucy even translated a letter from a Cardinal to the Pope once.


Clients range from global mega-brands to German government departments to small companies looking to attract business from beyond their borders.


Recent projects include an English website translation for two hotels in Munich, a digital product translation for DIY craft website shesmile, a French to English translation for a regional tourist association, blog article translations for German-based chocolate company Vivani and social media translations for Caphenia – a company developing low-carbon alternative fuels.


Find out more about our awesome clients on our Clients page.

Whatever your business, whatever your objective – if you need a bespoke translation with quality that you can rely on, then you have come to the right place.

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