Meet the team

Keep reading to meet our fabulous team. We are a group of individuals who all have a passion for words, language, and ethical business, with the hopes of making a difference on our clients and the environment around us.

Feel free to contact us if there is anything that we can help you with, or alternatively check out our Instagram page to find out more about what we get up to at LEaF.

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Lucy Pembayun

Founder/Chief Delegator

Lucy – a highly experienced German to English translator – is our founder and leader. Passionate about ethical business, she is on a mission to show that you can run a business to do good.

Language Love: Idioms. We use them without even thinking, but when you look at them through the eyes of Google Translate (i.e. literally), you see how bizarre they can be. Here in Britain, when you can’t sit still we talk about having ants in your pants; in Germany it is bumblebees in the bottom!

Language Loathe: Misplaced apostrophes. In fact, she loathes them so much, she wrote an entire how-to guide for apostrophes!

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Kate Osborn

Project Manager/Expert Multi-Tasker

Kate joined the LEaF team in early 2022 and is keen to take on this new work challenge. Kate enjoys connecting with new clients and promoting the LEaF brand. 

Language Love: Etymology. Kate finds language and its origins fascinating. Did you know the word arena comes from the Latin word meaning sand?

Language Loathe: Misspelt homophones. Your and you’re. It shouldn’t be that hard to get it right! Or do we mean write?

Kitty Trewhitt

Trainee Translator & Marketing Assistant/Master Sprucer

Kitty creates our social media content and monthly newsletters. Alongside this, she is training in translation with the hopes of becoming a translator from French and Italian to English in the near future.

Language Love: Untranslatable words. She finds these fascinating and has come across so many interesting words from across the world that don’t have an English translation. Head to our instagram to see some examples – @leaftranslations.

Language Loathe: The incorrect use of the past tense. Especially past participles and saying ‘could of’ instead of ‘could have’, she always finds herself correcting family and friends (which they don’t seem to like)!

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Well-Being Officer/Dogsbody

Indy has arguably one of the most important roles here at LEaF – the Well-Being Officer. She’s always ready to listen to bright ideas and provide comfort when it is needed.

Language Love: The word walk. She can’t get enough of it!

Language Loathe: Words which sound like “walk”. Work, talk, fork – there are just so many!

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