SEO translation services

Our SEO translation and localisation services help to ensure that you appear in search engine results in your target markets

Successful multilingual websites do more than just accurately convey the message to potential customers: they also incorporate the correct keywords for your target audience to give your international websites the visibility they need to succeed.

LEaF Translations specialises in SEO translation. With our combination of international SEO expertise, local cultural knowledge and experience in translation and website localisation, we are the partner you need when expanding into international markets.

Lucy and the team at LEaF were a dream to work with across multiple languages including Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Spanish. Lucy makes the process really simple, always delivers on time to a high quality & is super friendly and positive. Would highly recommend to anyone needing specialist language support.

Senior SEO Consultant, technical SEO agency, Leeds

We provide SEO translation services in a number of languages.
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A word from our clients

Recommended for reliable, fast, high-quality and fairly priced translations! LEaF Translations is our partner of choice

– Dr Mark Misselhorn, Caphenia

VIVANI recommends LEaF Translations

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the really fast turnaround and the thorough translations, which were perfect for our requirements. It was a pleasure to work with LEaF. We are very happy customers!

– Alexander Kuhlmann, VIVANI chocolate

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I worked with Lucy as part of a full German to English website translation project for a shared client. She was very easy to work with and very professional. The translations were excellent and were a perfect match for the specific voice of the company in question. I would definitely recommend LEaF Translations!

– Suzanne Frankenfeld, Kleine Prints

shesmile recommends LEaF Translations

I am really happy with the work. LEaF delivered precisely what I needed in a very short space of time and in a way that I could easily fit into my existing documents. And all of this at a really amazing price. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending LEaF!

– Elisabeth Steger, shesmile

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SEO translation services

SEO translation: what is it
and do I need it?

SEO translation is a term that is gaining importance within translation circles. While there is no hard and fast definition, SEO translation essentially means localising websites using the relevant keywords and terms for the respective market. It is vital for multilingual websites.

SEO spans from using analytics to identifying potential areas for growth (including new international markets), to keyword research, on-page optimisation, link-building and content strategies. The overall aim of SEO is always to increase the visibility of a website, by moving it higher up search engine rankings.

You could have an amazing website that looks fantastic and is perfectly targeted to your customers, but if it doesn’t rank on Google, no one will actually see it.

The same applies to multilingual websites and that is where SEO translation comes in. Keyword localisation, incorporating the correct keywords into the translations of headings, title tags, meta descriptions and copy are all part and parcel of SEO translation and are all necessary if you want the international versions of your website to be visible to your potential customers.

International SEO made easy

We have created an in-depth guide to keyword research for multilingual SEO – revealing all you need to know about the importance of keyword research for international SEO, keyword research tools and a behind-the-scenes look at how it all works.

The importance of localisation for multilingual websites

If you appreciate the importance of SEO (and anyone who wants to have a successful website should), then keyword research should form an essential part of your strategy.

It is quite common for keyword research to be conducted on websites and then for those websites, including their keywords, to be translated into other languages.

No problem, right?

Wrong. Unfortunately, translating keywords into the target language does not necessarily result in the correct keywords for the target language (in fact it rarely does). This is no slight on the translator in question; rather a logical conclusion of the fact that different languages work in different ways and that cultural differences play a key role when it comes to keywords.

One example of this from Ahrefs (a leading SEO tool) is the UK search term “last minute holidays”: 117,000 people search for this each month in the UK, but only 8,400 people search for the French equivalent “Vacances dernière minute” in France. In other words, French keyword research is required to find the term that people in France actually use to search for last-minute holidays. Translating the English term into French is not enough.

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impression recommends leaf translations

Sourcing reliable, cost-effective native partners to deliver SEO work to a range of clients across multiple markets is a challenge to say the least – but Lucy has made this a lot more straightforward! The quality of work has been great and the communication from Lucy and her native partners throughout each project has been exceptional. Deadlines have never been missed and I would strongly recommend having a chat with Lucy if you are looking for translation or optimisation support.

— Chloe Fair, Senior International SEO Specialist, Impression

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Our SEO translation services

LEaF Translations has a team of expert SEO translators ready to help your business expand internationally:

Case study: Spanish SEO translation services for a digital marketing agency in Leeds

In 2020, we assisted a leading technical SEO agency in Leeds with a project requiring Spanish keyword research, as well as the translation of several URLs, titles and headings from English into Spanish.

Our collaboration meant that the SEO agency was able to effectively outsource the multilingual keyword research and SEO translations so they were free to focus on their areas of expertise, while relying on LEaF to deliver the Spanish keywords and translations that they required.

We have delivered the Spanish work to the client and I was very pleased with the results. It has been a pleasure working with you on this.

Senior SEO Consultant, technical SEO agency in Leeds

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