LEaF stands for Language Expertise and Finesse

But we stand for far more than just words.

LEaF Translations was founded on bold values.

We are more than just a translation company
– we are a translation company on a mission.

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#1 To be the best translation company around

Think less faceless corporation; more friendly, personable service. We are here to make your international business easier – to craft flawless translations that speak directly to your overseas customers.

#2 To be a force for good

Our founder, Lucy, created LEaF to show that business can be ethical – whatever the sector. We want to grow to increase our positive impact. And this is what drives us, each and every day. We were the first translation company in the UK to become an accredited member of the Good Business Charter and have signed up to the SME Climate Hub to commit our company to net zero emissions.

#3 To help other great businesses

We are here to help great people and great businesses. Our passion for the planet and sustainability makes us a natural fit for companies from this sector, but – whether we are working with digital marketing agencies, boutique hotels or SMEs looking to export their products – we want to make our clients’ life easier.

#4 To lift people up

We believe in collaboration not competition. We treat our clients and our colleagues as partners and ensure that everyone who works with LEaF is paid fairly and on time.

#5 To support the next generation

High youth unemployment, high rent and extortionate house prices mean that life is harder than ever for graduates. We are supporting the next generation through paid internships and (fairly) paid work experience.

We don’t just translate.
We plant trees and support
climate projects around the world.

And we encourage others to do the same.

“I founded LEaF Translations to show that business can be ethical – whatever the sector. You don’t need to sell sustainable products to be a sustainable business. We may be a translation company, but we can be a carbon-neutral translation company and, most importantly, we can be an inspiration for other businesses and business owners.

In a world where the political class are failing, businesses need to step in and use their power and influence to be the change that we want to see in the world.”

Lucy Pembayun, Founder of LEaF Translations

We are writers & we care

When it comes to translation, quality is king. A good translator will not just convey the meaning of the source text; they will ensure that the final translation matches the tone of the original and can stand in its own right.

To do this well you need to be fluent in the source language and translate into your native language.

Here at LEaF Translations, we go one step further: language is also our passion. We are translators who love to write; from blogs to poetry to prose. We are fanatical about language and it is our passion for writing – combined with our technical expertise and experience – that makes your translations shine.

And that is not all.

We are the translation company that cares: about you, about your company and about our planet. Although our business is words, our horizons are far broader: we are here to do good.

This starts with our clients and providing the very best service we can. And it continues with our impact on society – we believe that ethical business is a no-brainer and that having a positive impact is infectious.

Find out more about how working with LEaF Translations is good for both you and the planet.

In the hands of experts

We don’t have a network of thousands of translators. Instead, Lucy works with a small pool of expert, native-speaker translators. We know how important your text is to you and your business: that is why we are transparent about who is translating your text and we ensure that every translation is proofread by an expert. Lucy – the founder of LEaF and a German to English translator herself – also stays in touch with all of our clients personally.

It is the only way to guarantee exceptional quality at all times.

Lucy professional translator

Quality over speed

Unlike some translation companies, we don’t offer a one-hour or one-day service. Quality is everything at LEaF. Speed is possible (we deliver most translations within a week, and even sooner if required) but if a translation is not perfect, it will be reworked until it is. 

A fantastic, top-quality translation and a really fair price. Thank you Lucy for your hassle-free, prompt and professional service!

Selma Kuyas, WOWEffekt

Human translators, at your service

We keep our overheads down so that we can offer you a high-quality, bespoke service at a very competitive price. We may cost more than Google Translate, but we also believe that getting your content written by a machine is a false economy. (Read more about our views on Google Translate and free machine translations on our blog here.)

Poor translations reflect badly on a company; they look unprofessional and can be a real turn-off for potential customers.

Give your content the treatment it deserves: contact us now for a no-obligation quote and free sample translation.

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