Certified translation services

Fast and reliable certified translations of your official documents

At LEaF Translations, we have a small team of certified translators ready and waiting to help you with your official translation needs.

From birth and marriage certificates, through to passport and university applications, we have a wealth of experience in helping people meet their personal goals.

If you’re searching for faultless, intelligent and dependable certified translations from a small team of passionate translators, then read on to find out how LEaF Translations can help translate your documents.

Brilliant service and I will definitely use you again!

Sarah, Family Solicitor, Leeds

Our languages for certified translations

At LEaF, we hand select our team based on their skills, experience and passion for language and translation. We’re proud to offer our certified translation services in the following language combinations:

German to English

French to English

Spanish to English

Portuguese translations

Portuguese to English

Italian to English

greek translations

Greek to English

Dutch translations

Dutch to English

We work with our clients every step of the way to ensure that our translations meet their personal needs and goals. Whether you’re a business or an individual in search of certified translations, we’re entirely flexible in our approach and tailor our services to your requirements.

If you’d like to know more about our certified translation services, or how we work, call our York office on 01904 373077 for a friendly chat. Alternatively, feel free to drop us a line at hello@leaftranslations.com.

A word from our clients

Recommended for reliable, fast, high-quality and fairly priced translations! LEaF Translations is our partner of choice

– Dr Mark Misselhorn, Caphenia

VIVANI recommends LEaF Translations

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the really fast turnaround and the thorough translations, which were perfect for our requirements. It was a pleasure to work with LEaF. We are very happy customers!

– Alexander Kuhlmann, VIVANI chocolate

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I worked with Lucy as part of a full German to English website translation project for a shared client. She was very easy to work with and very professional. The translations were excellent and were a perfect match for the specific voice of the company in question. I would definitely recommend LEaF Translations!

– Suzanne Frankenfeld, Kleine Prints

shesmile recommends LEaF Translations

I am really happy with the work. LEaF delivered precisely what I needed in a very short space of time and in a way that I could easily fit into my existing documents. And all of this at a really amazing price. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending LEaF!

– Elisabeth Steger, shesmile

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What to expect from our certified translation services

Passionate about language and translation, we put everything into our work to ensure that it can be held to the highest possible standards. Not only are our translations conducted by human translators with years of experience in the translation industry, but they are also revised by a second translator to ensure that every letter of every word is without fault. This is no different for our certified translations, which we conduct and deliver with the utmost care and professionalism.

Upon delivery of a certified translation, which are always translated by a certified translator (a qualified member of the Institute of Translation & Interpreting), you will receive a physical copy of your translation alongside a certificate, official stamp and date of the translation. What’s more, you will also receive a statement from your translator, stating that the translation is a “true and accurate translation of the original document.” These additions are essential for official applications, such as when you are applying for a visa or to a university.

With years of experience in carrying out our translations, we know that accuracy is everything when it comes to official authorities, which is why we guarantee it on every certified translation that we conduct.

Certified translations for visa and passport applications

As part of any immigration process, individuals are required to submit supporting evidence as part of their application. Supporting documents in another language must be supported by a certified translation. Supporting documents include birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce papers, bank statements, and if applicable, police records.

We know how frustrating visa applications can be, especially when you need to apply with documents that are not in your native language, which is why LEaF strives to make this process as stress-free and as simple as possible.

Once we have discussed your needs and goals, all we need to begin the translation is a scanned image or high-quality photograph of your original documents to begin work. You do not need to send your official documents to us via the post.

Keeping you in the loop every step of the way, once the translation is checked and completed, you will receive the translated document via first class registered post, alongside the stamp and translation certificate.

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If you need certified translations and want to work with a small company that truly cares about their work, then look no further than LEaF Translations. Both lean and flexible, we pride ourselves in offering affordable and bespoke certified translation services for our clients.

If you’d like to know a little more about how we work, or any of our other translation services, feel free to call us on 01904 373077 or email us at hello@leaftranslations.com.

Why choose LEaF for certified translations

At LEaF, language and translation is everything, which is why we hand-select each and every member of our team based on their expertise, knowledge, passion and love of what they do.

Although our team might be small, we pride ourselves in upholding only the highest possible standards, which is why every piece of work is not only proofed by the original translator, but also by a second team member. This ensures intelligent and faultless work that delivers every single time.

What’s more, we’re able to provide certified translations at both competitive and affordable rates. Apart from operating a lean and flexible business, we are not VAT registered, which means that we can provide a 20% saving on this fact alone.

With a great love of what we do, we strive to make the world a better place, which is why we have also partnered with Ecologi to help us reduce our impact on the environment and provide help and support to communities in need. 

LEaF Translations

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GDPR compliant

Data protection at LEaF Translations

While language is our passion, data protection is a promise, and we treat it with the utmost seriousness.

Operating the tightest possible security protocols, we are fully committed to protecting the privacy and information of every single client.

Every one of our projects is treated with the strictest confidentiality and we are more than happy to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) when required.