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At LEaF Translations, we’re passionate about language. As a result, we put our heart and soul into the work we provide to both businesses and individuals in need of Italian translation services.

We can translate documents and materials both into and from Italian. Our small but dedicated group of native translators tailors how they work around your needs and objectives, so you can look forward to top-quality Italian translations that tick your boxes!

Italian translations

Professional Italian translation services

Each member of our team is chosen for their passion, experience and deep knowledge of the Italian language. With a varied combination of backgrounds and skillsets, we’re able to provide both companies and individuals with peerless, intelligent translation services.
Take a look at just some of our Italian translation services below:

Certified Italian to English translations
English to Italian website translations
English to Italian marketing translations
Italian document translations
Keyword research for the Italian market
Italian translations for the tourist industry

Having worked with companies from a range of backgrounds and sectors, our translators are hand-selected for projects depending on their experience and attributes. With a personal touch at hand, we offer intelligent and faultless Italian translations every single time.

If you’d like to know more about LEaF, or have any questions about our bespoke Italian translation services, call us on 01904 373 077 or send a message to the team at

Italian translation services

Professional Italian translations with a personal touch

Across the world, over 63 million people speak Italian as their first language, with a further two million speaking it as their second language.

Although many people presume that Italian is only spoken in its native country, it can be found in over 30 countries and is also the official language of San Marino, Switzerland and Vatican City. What’s more, it also happens to be the official second language in areas of both Croatia and Slovenia.

With an economy of $2.40 trillion, Italy is the eighth largest economy in the world and has close commercial ties with countries across the globe, and as a result, demand for intelligent and high-quality Italian translation services has never been greater.

Whether you are looking for an Italian translation of your English website, searching for translations for a guidebook, technical documentation or even educational materials, we can help you reach a brand-new audience.

Each of our Italian translators has a deep and passionate knowledge of Italian, and our Italian to English translators are highly proficient in Italian and native speakers in English. Conversely, our English to Italian translators are fluent in English and are Italian native speakers. This means that no matter what kind of Italian translation service you need, your project will be in only the most capable and caring of hands.

Affordable Italian translations tailored to your needs

Our services are completely bespoke – this means that no matter what kind of translation you need, we can tailor the project so that it aligns with your needs and goals. Whether you’re an individual or a company in need of translated marketing materials, our approach means that you will always receive high-quality, intelligent and dependable translations.

Our translators have decades of experience in the sector and we know that some companies rely on free services and apps for translations. Although we must admit that these free services have improved greatly over the last decade or so, they still fail to deliver the nuanced, high-quality translations required for business.

Here at LEaF, we are happy to work with companies of all sizes, and offer competitive rates for companies in need of high-quality Italian translations.

LEaF is an agile company that excels in flexible working. We’re passionate about keeping our prices low so that our services are affordable to anyone in need of professional Italian translation services. Find out more about our company values to learn more about what we stand for.

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…that we are committed to Net Zero? Besides doing everything we can to keep our carbon emissions to the bare minimum, we also work together with the good people at Ecologi to help fund climate projects around the world and to plant the equivalent of 50 trees a month.

Faultless Italian translations you can rely on

At LEaF, we hold our work to only the highest standards, which is why every single word is proofread by a second language expert before delivery to a client.

Selecting only team members with a passion for both language and translation, we know that each person is willing to go above and beyond to ensure that you receive only the very best translation service.

To ensure total transparency, we tell each and every client who is working on their project and our founder, Lucy, will be in full contact with you to ensure that every need is catered for and every goal is met.

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what does sprezzatura mean

Everyday Italian: what does sprezzatura mean?

Italians are known for their fashion, love of art and, of course, their elegance. They even have a special word or concept for elegance – sprezzatura. This is when a person exhibits a certain elegance about them without even trying. It is an elegance that is effortless, which you could claim that someone has during a passeggiata.

Just like in the UK, Italians enjoy going out for late afternoon or early evening strolls, known in Italy as a passeggiata. According to some, this walk is more about seeing and being seen, which is especially helpful if you have sprezzatura.

As is the case with almost all languages, Italian has many words and concepts that don’t have direct equivalents in English. It is one of the reasons professional translation services are so invaluable – literal translation, where you substitute a word in one language with a word in another, can produce terrible results. Producing an accurate translation that reads just as well in the target language as it does in the source language is a skill that needs to be honed over many years. Lucky for you, it is something that LEaF Translations excels in. So, if you need help with translating your website, marketing materials or other documents, get in touch.