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German to English translation services:
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LEaF Translations is a translation company based in York, UK, and specialising in German to English translations.

Do you need a German document translating into English, a certified English translation of a German passport, or German website content translating into English and localising for the UK market?

LEaF is here to help. Our small team of highly experienced translators and native speakers will work with you to craft a translation that ticks all your boxes.

Professional German translation services

LEaF Translations provides German to English translations, as well as localisation and proofreading services. Our translations are always carried out by highly experienced native speakers of the target language (in the case of German to English translations, this is English). Founder of LEaF Translations, Lucy Pembayun, is our main German to English translator and has amassed over 14 years of experience in the field.


If you are looking for a highly qualified, expert German to English translator, then you have come to the right place. (Incidentally, if you are looking for English to German translation services, you need a native German speaker. Luckily, LEaF works with a small pool of highly experienced German translators to offer this service as well. Simply get in touch to find out more.)


LEaF Translations offers the following German to English translation services:

Do you have a German document, article, file or website that needs translating into English?

Let us help you speak to your customers in their language.

Call LEaF Translations on 01904 373077 or email hello@leaftranslations.com for a free quote now.


Don't just take our word for it!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the really fast turnaround and the thorough translations, which were perfect for our requirements. It was a pleasure to work with LEaF. We are very happy customers!

Alexander Kuhlmann


I am really happy with the work. LEaF delivered precisely what I needed in a very short space of time and in a way that I could easily fit into my existing documents. And all of this at a really amazing price. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending LEaF!

Elisabeth Steger


Would definitely recommend: LEaF are fast, friendly and proactive!

Mona Breulmann

Männer und Müller

Really happy with the work delivered. Would recommend to anyone looking for an English translation service.

Ludmilla Kuhlen

KUHLEN law firm, Berlin

Excellent quality German translations from the translation company that cares

Excellent quality German translations from the translation company that cares

There are 100s of translation companies out there, but how do you know which one is right for you?


Here at LEaF, we don’t try to outdo our competitors; instead we focus on what we can offer our customers. We are not here to attract all the clients, to make promises that we can’t keep and to deliver translations in 100s of language combinations. We are here to make a difference. We are the translation company that cares. All translation companies and translators should be passionate about language (and we are). But we care about other things too. We care about our planet. We care about doing our bit for society. We care about making a positive difference. And we care about our clients.


We may be small, but our size means that we can guarantee quality. We only work with translators that we trust and we tell you which native speaker is translating your document. We care about making a positive difference. And that starts with providing our clients with the best service possible.

Reach new international customers with our German to English translations

LEaF Translations specialises in professional translations for the following industries:

  • Marketing
  • Tourism
  • Green & sustainability
  • eCommerce
  • Advertising & PR
  • Start-ups
  • IT & software

We love nothing more than helping fantastic German companies grow their client base and reach out to new English-speaking customers.

Discover some of the fantastic companies we have helped expand their customer base on our Clients page.

Reach new international customers with our German to English translations

100% carbon-neutral translations

Did you know that working with LEaF means doing something good for the planet? We work with Offset Earth to offset all of our carbon emissions, and then some. We support projects including tree-planting, renewable energy and providing clean stoves to communities in need.

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German to English document translation services

German to English document translation services

We regularly translate a range of different documents from German to English. From business correspondence to PowerPoint presentations; from academic theses to certified translations of passports and ID cards, professional or academic certificates and marriage certificates; and from IT & software translations to sewing instructions and translations for the tourist industry . We work with almost all electronic file types and photographs/scanned versions of official documents.


The types of German documents that we translate include:

  • File types: Word documents, Excel files, PowerPoint presentations, OpenOffice documents, Adobe InDesign files, HTM & HTML, PDF files, XML files and more
  • Business communications, such as marketing texts, sales catalogues, leaflets, brochures, business correspondence, company magazines, press releases etc.
  • Website translations, from individual blog posts and pages to full websites
  • Social media translations, including posts for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, as well as social media profiles
  • Certified documents, including marriage certificates, passports, ID cards and academic certificates

A word from one of our clients:

“A fantastic, top-quality translation and a really fair price. Thank you Lucy for your hassle-free, prompt and professional service!”

[Selma Kuyas from WOWeffekt]

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Secure data protection for your peace of mind

You can only do business with people you trust and trust is an essential cornerstone to all of our client relationships.


As part of our commitment to our clients, we handle all documents confidentially and are more than happy to sign NDAs where required.


We are also fully GDPR-compliant for your peace of mind.

Secure data protection for your peace of mind

Get to know our German to English translators

Get to know our German to English translators

All of our translators are native speakers who are passionate about language, have years of experience and are experts in their field.


When it comes to German to English translations, the majority of our translations are completed by the founder of LEaF, Lucy Pembayun. Lucy is a member of Yorkshire Translators and Interpreters (YTI) and has been working as a German to English translator since 2006. Over the years, she has produced translations for several household names, from German household appliance companies to fashion labels, tourist associations and car manufacturers.


Since LEaF Translations was founded, clients have included green energy companies, ethical brands like Vivani, hotels and start-ups.


We want you to have 100% trust in your translator and this means true accountability. As such, we provide you with the translator profile of your translator, so you can see their qualifications for yourself.


We also give you 14 days to request any changes to your final translation, so that in the unlikely event you are not 100% satisfied, we can work together to produce a translation we can all be proud of.

Do you need translations in other language combinations?

LEaF Translations currently offers translations into and out of German, French, Spanish and Italian. We work with a small pool of highly experienced translators who always translate exclusively into their native language. And we tell you exactly who is translating your text, so you know it is in expert hands.

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Case study: German-English translations for CAPHENIA

CAPHENIA is developing technology to convert carbon dioxide into alternative fuels for the aviation industry. We have been working with CAPHENIA and providing the company with German to English translations since 2018. Translations have included press releases, social media posts, scientific documents and analyses, website pages and blog posts.

“Recommended for reliable, fast, high-quality and fairly priced translations! LEaF Translations is our partner of choice.”
Dr Mark Misselhorn, CEO of CAPHENIA

Case study: German-English translations for CAPHENIA

The German language

The German language

The German language was first recorded back in the 1st century BC following contact with the Romans. There was only one “Germanic” language at this time – notwithstanding various dialects – and it had developed into something similar to what we now call German by the 7th century. German is part of the Indo-European family of languages and is one of the West-Germanic languages, along with English, Frisian and Dutch.


Nowadays, German is the official language in six countries across the world: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg. It is the second most widely spoken language in Europe and there are 100 million native German speakers worldwide.


Not all German is the same, however. The “standard” German language is known as “Hochdeutsch” or high German, but there are several different German dialects found in different parts of Germany. The most famous German dialects include Bayerisch (Bavarian German) and Schwäbisch (Swabian German found in Baden-Württemberg). Swiss German and Austrian German are also known as dialects and referred to as Schwiizerdütsch and Österreichisches Deutsch respectively.

Are you looking for a highly qualified, expert German to English translator?
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