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With 67 million residents, France is one of the largest countries in Europe. But the French language goes far beyond France’s borders: it is the official language in 29 countries across the globe and has approximately 300 million speakers worldwide. As the 6th most widely spoken language in the world, it is an important language for world trade and for both large and small businesses to communicate in.

LEaF Translations provides professional French translations crafted by a small team of highly experienced translators to guarantee the best possible quality standards.

If you need a document or website translating into French or from French into another language, get in touch!

French translations

Professional French translation services

Here at LEaF we are specialists in French translations and offer professional translation services both into French (English to French translations, German to French translations etc.) and from French (e.g. French to English translations, French to German translations).

We regularly work with clients large and small, providing expert English to French and French to English translations.
Here is a selection of some of the French translation services that we provide:

Certified French to English translations
English to French website translations
English to French marketing translations
French document translations
Keyword research for the French market
French translations for the tourist industry

Do you need someone to translate your website or marketing materials into French? Or perhaps you have an official French document that you need translating into English?

LEaF Translations is here to help.

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Certified French to English translations

Do you need an official translation of a French passport or ID card to apply for a British passport? Or perhaps you need your French academic certificates translating into English to apply for a university place. Here at LEaF Translations, we are a fully accredited translation company and regularly provide certified French to English translations suitable for official purposes.

Each certified translation is stamped and comes with a certificate confirming that it is a “true and accurate translation”. This certificate and official stamp form part of the certified translation and must be handed in to the passport office or provided with the official translation in order for it to be valid.

Read more about our certified translation services or contact LEaF on to find out more or receive a quote.

French translation services

Professional French translations that you can rely on

Did you know that around 20% of global trade is carried out in the French language? France is one of the largest countries in mainland Europe and is a very important trading nation. France also enjoys great political power as a founding member of the European Union and as a permanent member of the UN Security Council.

But the French language is important outside of France too: it is the official language in Belgium and Switzerland in Europe, Canada in North America and several African countries, including Senegal and the Ivory Coast (or Côte d’Ivoire).

French translations are very important to international businesses as a result – they are needed to convert French documents into English and other languages; while for hotels and tourist businesses in the UK, translating websites and marketing materials into French can provide access to a whole new target audience, and one that is often just a short train journey or ferry away.

LEaF’s expert French translators are all native-speakers. This means that our French to English translators are highly proficient in French and native speakers in English. Meanwhile, our English to French translators are fluent in English and native speakers of French. We also offer German to French translations, French to German translations and French to Italian translations, to name a few of our language combinations.

Did you know…

…that we are committed to Net Zero? Besides doing everything we can to keep our carbon emissions to the bare minimum, we also work together with the good people at Ecologi to help fund climate projects around the world and to plant the equivalent of 50 trees a month.

Affordable French translations crafted by professionals

You can pay anything from nothing at all to a heck of a lot for translations. We certainly don’t advocate using free machine translation tools to translate your website or marketing materials or anything important for that matter. Google Translate is ideal for when you are on holiday, but error-strewn machine translations are a really bad look for professional businesses.

We do, however, understand that businesses and individuals have limited budgets and we know that price is important. LEaF Translations is not VAT-registered and, as such, does not charge VAT on our translations. For many, this will mean a 20% saving compared with other translation companies. We are also committed to staying lean and agile, so that we can keep our overheads and, therefore, our quotes down.

Despite this, it is important to note that we do not approve of methods practised by certain large translation agencies – namely to charge high and to farm out translations to the cheapest freelancers available. We care about doing the right thing and we are interested in long-term relationships that benefit both parties – and that applies to our professional translators as well as to our clients.

affordable translations

Everyday French: what does déjà vu actually mean?

We all know the term and we have probably all used it or at least heard it in our lives: déjà vu. But what does the French term déjà vu actually mean? Déjà vu literally translates as “already seen” and refers to the feeling that you have experienced the current situation before.

According to Wikipedia, “déjà vu is an anomaly of memory whereby, despite the strong sense of recollection, the time, place and practical context of the previous experience are uncertain or believed to be impossible.” It is believed that around two thirds of people experience déjà vu from time to time, and it is said to become less common as you get older. There are also theories that it is more common in people who travel more and watch more films…

Other French terms relating to déjà vu include:

  • Jamais vu – this is like the opposite of déjà vu and literally translates as “never seen”. It refers to the feeling of not recognising a familiar situation, person, place or word. You can bring on jamais vu by reading a common word (try “twig”) over and over in a very short space of time – you may find yourself starting to doubt it is actually a real word;
  • Déjà rêvé – from the French meaning “already dreamt”, this is the feeling of having already dreamt something that you are now experiencing;
  • Déjà vous – this is a French pun on the English use of the phrase déjà vu. The French pronunciation of the vowel “u” in déjà vudoes not exist in English. Thus, the English pronunciation of déjà vu is actually equivalent to the French phrase déjà vous, which means “already you”. It is basically just French people poking fun at the English…
French translation services
Professional proofreading services

All translations proofread by a second language expert as standard

Working with LEaF does not just mean excellent professional French translations – it also means guaranteed quality. This is because all of our translations are proofread by a second language expert as standard.

We believe in providing the best service that we possibly can and commissioning a professional to proofread each and every translation is just one part of this.

We pride ourselves on being different from most translation companies. We only work with a small pool of expert translators who we know and trust. And we work hard to keep our clients in the loop and updated throughout the process.

We may only be small. But we have very high standards.

Check out our Mission Statement if you want to know more.