LEaF Translations re-accredited by the Good Business Charter

Two years on since LEaF Translations became the first translation company to join the Good Business Charter (GBC), we are delighted to announce that we have been re-accredited by the organisation.

The Good Business Charter was founded by Julian Richer to create a simple accreditation process that organisations in the UK can sign up to in recognition of responsible business practices. Accredited organisations must meet the requirements of 10 different components, covering all aspects of ethical business:

  • Real living wage
  • Fairer hours & contracts
  • Employee well-being
  • Employee representation
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Pay fair tax
  • Commitment to customers
  • Ethical sourcing
  • Prompt payment to suppliers

Our commitment to ethical business & sustainability

As a company passionate about ethical business and sustainability, and based on values such as fairness and responsibility, we were delighted to sign up to the Good Business Charter back in February 2021. Now, two years on, we are proud to have been re-accredited.

Since first joining the Good Business Charter, we have continued to increase our positive impact on wider society.

In addition to our regular tree-planting and carbon-offsetting, we recently started planting 20 trees for every new client. You can read more about our tree-planting for translations initiative here. We have been planting trees and offsetting carbon since 2020. Our virtual forest now contains over 2,000 trees and we have offset over 55 tonnes of carbon.

Lucy speaking at York Business Summit on Net Zero
Lucy speaking at the York & North Yorkshire LEP Business Summit on LEaF Translations’ journey to Net Zero

We recognise that tree-planting and carbon-offsetting should only constitute one part of an ethical business policy. As a carbon-neutral translation company, we are keen to share news of efforts to reduce our negative impact on the environment – be it through cutting our digital footprint, installing solar panels or reducing the amount of resources we use. As such, Lucy was thrilled to be invited to present LEaF Translations’ journey to Net Zero at the York and North Yorkshire Local Area Partnership Business Summit in York this year. It was a great opportunity to inspire all the business leaders present to commit to running their own businesses more sustainably.

business summit feedback
Feedback on Lucy’s talk at the Business Summit from the Good Business Charter on Twitter

Besides public speaking on the topic of sustainability for small businesses, we also regularly post about our journey to Net Zero on our LinkedIn and Instagram accounts. Click the icons below to follow us and find out how you can make your business greener:

Inspiring others to adopt more sustainable practices

2022 also saw LEaF Translations incorporate sustainability into our hiring process – we now ask all translators who apply to work with us to provide evidence of their commitment to reducing their own carbon footprint. We are hoping it will prompt people to think about their own personal and professional impact on the environment and how they can improve it.

I founded LEaF Translations back in 2017 to show that any type of business can and should be ethical. Six years on, this remains my main motivation for growing our translation company. The more we grow, the larger our influence and the greater positive impact we can have. We’ve made some great progress over the past 12 months, and we are determined to keep progressing in the right direction and inspiring as many other businesses to follow suit as possible as we go!

Lucy Pembayun

Founder of LEaF Translations

Find out more about our Ethical Values or read about our Carbon-Neutral Translation Services.

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About the Author


Lucy Pembayun is the founder of LEaF Translations and a qualified German to English translator. Specialising in marketing, website and SEO translations, Lucy spent over a decade working as a freelance translator before launching LEaF Translations back in 2017. A passionate advocate for ethical business and sustainability, Lucy recently spoke on the topic of Net Zero for Businesses at the annual Business Summit for the York and North Yorkshire region. Outside of work, Lucy enjoys exploring new places and cultures, playing and watching football, and spending time with her family and friends.