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In the summer of 2018, we had the pleasure of working together with the Berlin-based advertising company Männer & Müller on the new website for the Resort Mark Brandenburg – a spa and conference hotel situated by the Ruppiner See lake in the Brandenburg town of Neuruppin.

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Type of project:

Website translation // Tourism translation


Resort Mark Brandenburg – a four-star spa and conference hotel in Brandenburg, Germany.

Project size & duration:

The project was to translate the entire Resort Mark Brandenburg website into English – that included all of the main pages, category pages, some blog posts and the privacy policy and T&Cs. It took approximately one month to complete the project and deliver all of the translations.

Challenges & successes:

This website translation represented a large project and involved working together with various stakeholders – the advertising company, the web development company and the hotel itself. We kept in regular contact with all of the parties and ensured that everyone knew how the translations were progressing. We enjoyed a good working relationship with all parties and this helped to ensure that the project went smoothly.

The main challenge was the nature of the source files. We worked directly with the XML files – this made it considerably easier for the web development company to upload the translations at the end of the process. It meant a little extra formatting work before we were able to begin with the translations but we were pleased to gain some more experience working directly with XML files.

The main success was the quality of the translation we were able to deliver within the time frame. The source text almost doubled in size during the project but we were still able to deliver the English translations to the client in good time and to provide an English version of the website to be proud of.

We completed the project with a final proofread of the text once it had been uploaded and formatted. We were able to offer a few formatting suggestions and to sign off the project.

A job well done!

translations for hotel websites

Customer feedback:

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“We are extremely satisfied and, as we are just beginning our English-language marketing, I will definitely be in touch again.” [Laura Stönner, Marketing Director, Resort Mark Brandenburg]

“Would definitely recommend: LEaF are fast, friendly and proactive!” [Mona Breulmann, Strategy & Text, Männer & Müller]

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