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Kleine Prints are an awesome company based in Hamburg, Germany. They specialise in stunning photo books and other related products designed especially for young children. Their products have proven to be extremely popular in Germany. As a result, the natural next step for the company was to set-up an English version of their website so English-speaking customers can get their hands on the fabulous Kleine Prints photo books and jigsaws too! LEaF Translations was thrilled to be chosen as the English translation service provider for this project.

Type of project:

Website translation // eCommerce site


Kleine Prints – a small, independent, ethical company selling fabulous children’s photo products, based in Hamburg, Germany.

Project size & duration:

The project was to translate the new Kleine Prints website into English – that included all of the main pages, category pages, some blog posts and the privacy policy and T&Cs. The source files were sent in batches over a period of approximately two months.

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Challenges & successes:

Kleine Prints has a very clear brand presence and the website copy is all written in a very specific style – friendly, informal, enthusiastic, descriptive and colourful – just like their products! The most important part of this project was to achieve the same voice in the English version of the website. We worked hard on the tone and chose the words carefully – especially for the titles and sub-headings.

Once we had found the right tone of voice, it was simply a case of doing the products and the company justice in the translation and creating copy to wow potential English-speaking customers. The excellent website design, colourful photos and high-quality products do the rest!

Customer feedback:

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“Lucy was very easy to work with and very professional. The translations were excellent and were a perfect match for the specific voice of the company in question. I would definitely recommend LEaF Translations!” [Suzanne Frankenfeld, on behalf of Kleine Prints]

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