Meet Ruby, LEaF’s new intern!

Hello! My name is Ruby and I’m the new Social Media and Digital Marketing intern at LEaF Translations! I am a second year student at the University of York studying English and Related Literature.

What am I here to do?

With my role in Social Media and Digital Marketing, I have many jobs, but they can be summarised as: providing my critical eye to the social media platforms (predominantly LinkedIn and Instagram), to identify areas for improvement. I discuss my ideas by consulting Lucy, the Head and Founder of LEaF Translations, to make sure that she is 100% happy before I implement them.

During the first weeks of the internship I conducted much research and created an in-depth brief discussing each of the social media platforms, including proposals for change. I then conducted market research to get others’ opinions within the target audience, and this turned out to support my ideas.

One of my main jobs so far has been creating a new Instagram account, which I will be running for the duration of my internship. This has involved making, planning and posting content, as well as increasing its engagement. The Instagram account was set up just over a week ago after Annina Diston completed the lovely illustrations for LEaF’s beautiful re-branding. Fancy seeing LEaF’s makeover? Head to @LEaFTranslations to see our new Instagram account for exciting and interesting daily content, and more!

Why an internship?

After a disturbed latter half of my first year at university due to the pandemic, I was keen to increase my level of work experience. Lockdown had – and still has – its ups and downs for everyone. Personally, a positive aspect of the first two lockdown experiences was that they allowed me the time to reflect and research in-depth about careers. I knew that I wanted to make an informed choice about the direction of my career path, and this was the ideal opportunity, with there being a greater abundance of ‘free’ time. I arrived at the decision that marketing appears to be a fitting path for me, marrying a number of my strengths and interests, such as writing, business and aesthetics.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, as a Gen-Z, I have had much experience using social media, and I decided this was the perfect place to start building upon my previous marketing experience. Also, acknowledging that in recent years, the internet has boomed as a marketplace, especially on social media platforms: even Instagram has recently altered its layout, replacing the notification area with an e-commerce ‘shop’ feature. 

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“As a small business owner, I believe it is my duty to do all I can to support the next generation. I am thrilled to have Ruby as part of the LEaF team. Her enthusiasm and ideas have been a real breath of fresh air and she has been a real asset to the company. My only regret is that the internship is only ten weeks long!”

— Lucy Pembayun, Founder of LEaF Translations

Why LEaF Translations?

When I was applying for internships, LEaF Translations stood out to me for their ethos. Not only did they come across as a welcoming, friendly company, but there were many examples of how they go the extra mile, making them a force for good. I was also surprised by the array of services, languages and language combinations available to customers which was difficult to find when researching competitors. Alongside a range of brilliant reviews, LEaF seemed exactly the place I was looking to gain experience working for.

During my research about the company, I discovered how significant the efforts of LEaF are in contributing to their value of sustainability. An example of this which struck me was their blog on their ‘Forest of Thanks’. As opposed to sending Christmas cards, LEaF was able to have a forest of 250 trees planted in honour of their clients and collaborators. These trees were planted in Mozambique as part of a wider project that was reforesting an area near the village of Changalane. Not only does this positively effect the environment, it also provided financial support to the people in Changalane by providing full-time work to 45 people, also increasing the forest area which they rely on heavily for natural resources and survival. What a thoughtful alternative to Christmas cards!

Before the interview, I had developed a genuine interest in helping the company improve their social media presence. They are an outstanding company, who I believed should promote their wide range of services more, as well as their positive impact on the planet. LEaF Translations undoubtedly deserved more credit and I wanted to help develop it. I also felt that I was a good cultural fit for the role, being an ethical vegan for over 5 years, we share the value of sustainability.

During the role now, I am really enjoying the aspects of work concerning sustainability, such as discovering new sustainable-driven companies who we give weekly shoutouts to as an ambassador for #TackleTheCrisis.

LEaF Translations is a proud ambassador for the #tacklethecrisis movement, looking to promote planet-positive solutions and share uplifting environmental news.

After meeting Lucy for my interview, I was sure that this was an internship I really wanted. I was introduced to her welcoming, kind and driven attitude; she seemed like the ideal person to work with (which has proven true!) 

What I’m enjoying about the internship

I am enjoying being able to practise and develop my skills, especially in digital marketing, as well as the challenge of doing the internship alongside my university work. What enthuses me most is doing this work for for an amazing company which is having a positive impact, as well as its brilliant Head Lucy Pembayun.

I am also enjoying how the internship interlinks with my studies and extracurricular activities. In two of my current university modules, we have looked at the issues involved in translation, whether it be within subtitles for films, poetry, or other literary texts. I was surprised at how differently meanings can be conveyed after some translations, whether it be due to un-translatable words and phrases, translating text not as accurately as it could be, compensating on words for the structure of poetry, and such. This has helped me to gain a greater understanding and appreciation towards the significance of expert translators who are able to accurately convey the meaning, tone and effect of the original text – just as LEaF Translations can provide.

It is also compounding my experience and confidence in creating content, writing for them and using different creation platforms, since these are tasks I perform as the Marketing Officer of Enactus York, but for a different audience.

Ruby internship video
Check out Ruby’s video on the LEaF LinkedIn page

Although it would be nice to be able to go to a workplace for my internship, thankfully it is held within a virtual capacity, which is perfect given the current lockdown circumstances in the UK due to Covid-19. Either way, I am finding this experience hugely valuable and feel that my skills and experience have developed, even just at the halfway mark of my internship!

I meet with Lucy every week to report on what I am doing and to ask any questions I may have. We might be having to work from home, but thankfully, communication is a smooth process.

I feel incredibly grateful and glad to have been chosen for this internship. Working with Lucy for the fantastic company she has founded is a delight, and I’m proud to have my role in Social Media and Digital Marketing contributing to it. I can’t wait to show you everything I’ve been working on!

It’s nice to meet you!


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About the Author

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Ruby Fernie is an intern at LEaF Translations with a role in Social Media and Digital Marketing. She is a full-time undergraduate English Literature student at the University of York in her penultimate year. As well as her studies, she is involved in various other aspects of her university: as a Marketing Officer for Enactus York and in extracurricular university programmes aimed to develop and enhance her employability skills, complimenting her degree.

Ruby’s passions lie in effective communication, continual personal development and the prioritisation of ethics. These are things that she will bring to her career.