May newsletter: turn over a new LEaF challenge, estrenar & leading a sustainable lifestyle

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Hello and welcome to the May edition of LEaF’s newsletter. This month we’re focusing on Earth Day 2022, which took place on 22nd April. Did you do anything to mark the day? We wanted to contribute in a way that would help normal, busy people, who want to make positive changes, make a few minor tweaks that all add up. After much head-scratching, we came up with our #TurnOverANewLEaF challenge – see what we did there?! Read on to find out more and see how you can get involved. Needless to say, we also have a bit of grammar fun, a fab word from a different language and news of our latest quiz question to keep you on your toes. Have a great few weeks.

Lucy – Founder of LEaF Translations

Turn over a new LEaF challenge

Sustainability, ethical business, and protecting the environment are all things that are important to us at LEaF and we make a conscious effort to increase our positive impact on the world. Therefore, over four weeks, we will share a series of changes you can try that week and hopefully make some more long-term swaps in your daily life. We are currently on week 3 but you can see all the challenges so far on our blog and Instagram page. Let us know how you are doing by tagging us @leaftranslations and #leafchallenge in your pics.

Word of the month

This is most certainly something we think we should have an English word for.

There is no better feeling than trying something new for the first time – reading a brand new book, finding a brilliant new recipe, or wearing a new item of clothing!


  • Check out our most recent blog post on one of our favourite topics here at LEaF Translations: idioms. This one is about Popular Expressions English Speakers Might Not Know.
  • Our Instagram page is now featuring How-To Grammar Guides with tips and lessons on all things relating to English grammar. Our first focus was the colon and will be followed by bullet points this month. If you have any suggestions that you would like to see, reply to this email or send us a message to let us know. 
  • One of our team members, Kate, recently attended her first Visit Yorkevent exploring the newly revamped Clifford’s Tower.​​​​​​​​ We are very lucky to live in such a beautiful city with so much history, make sure to check it out if you’re in the area.

What do you think?

In last month’s poll, we asked you:

Do you actively make an effort to lead a sustainable lifestyle?

1) Yes, I try my best 
2) I could do better 
3) No, I’m not interested

62% of you responded “Yes, I try my best” whilst the other 38% responded “I could do better”. We think these results are great, they demonstrate that we all care and want to make a positive impact on our planet. 

For those who want to make some simple positive changes to your daily life, check out our Turn Over A New LEaF Challenge for inspiration.

Head to our Instagram Highlights and LinkedIn for this month’s poll:

We’re back to our favourite grammar questions this month and it is another fill the gap. This one focuses on punctuation, specifically apostrophes.

Fill in the gaps:  “___ hard to tell if ___ going to rain.” 

1) its
2) it’s

Even when we think we understand the rules of apostrophes, this is one that can always catch us out.

Make sure to head to our social media pages to submit your answer!

Introducing: Caphenia

Green tech company Caphenia is a pioneer in converting carbon into fuel. As a responsible company working to make our world a better place, they are a perfect fit for LEaF Translations. 

We have been providing Caphenia with professional German to English marketing translations for several years now – from website content, to LinkedIn posts and scientific reports.

Kitty LEaF blog 2021

About the Author


Kitty Trewhitt is a translation project manager at LEaF Translations. She oversees each phase of the translation project and keeps in contact with both the client and linguists throughout the process. Besides managing our projects, Kitty also translates and proofreads texts from French and Italian into English, as well as creating LEaF’s monthly newsletter and managing the company social media accounts.