Localising Amazon listings case study: Glencairn Crystal


Friendly, family-run business, Glencairn Crystal, have been supplying the whisky industry, and beyond, with creative, premium quality glassware and containers for over forty years. 

Based in Scotland, Glencairn Crystal’s mission is to ‘Celebrate and enhance the spirit drinking experience – around the world.’ Just like us, they are a ‘socially and environmentally responsible’ business, keen to build a sustainable future.

Translating Amazon listings is a fantastic way to reach new international audiences and improve a company’s sales. Glencairn Crystal were looking for a translation company who could deliver high-quality translations as well as accurate localisations and keyword research. As a company that specialises in multilingual keyword research and translation, we were very keen to work with Glencairn Crystal on this project.

Type of project:

Amazon listing // Keyword research

The client:

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Glencairn Crystal – A global company and experts in the design, creation and supply of crystal and glass decanters for super premium spirits. The creators of the Glencairn whisky glass and decorator of the widest range of crystal decanters, gifts and trophies.

Project size & duration:

Glencairn Crystal initially contacted us back in April 2022. The first project was to translate and localise their Amazon listings into Spanish, German, Italian and French as well as complete keyword research in these four languages. The project was successfully completed by the end of May 2022. 

Glencairn Crystal were delighted with our work and soon contacted us again asking if we could complete a second translation project, this time translating and localising Amazon listings into Mexican, Polish, Japanese, Dutch and Swedish. We were more than happy to help and completed this second project in July 2022. 

We understand that keywords and key phrases are incredibly important to Amazon listings: if your listings don’t have the correct key phrases, they won’t be seen by the right customer, ultimately impacting on a company’s sales. At LEaF Translations, we work with highly-skilled translators who are experienced in keyword research so that a company’s listings will receive more traffic and therefore more business. 

When translating and localising the keywords for Glencairn’s Amazon listings, we made sure that we matched the original tone of Glencairn’s English Amazon listings and used the correct terminology. As with all of our translations, we ensured that the content was of a very high standard by having each set of listings proofread by a second highly experienced, native-speaker translator.


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