LEaF joins Visit York & the FSB

LEaF Translations: a proud member of Visit York

As a translation company based in York and focused on serving local businesses working within York’s tourist industry, joining Visit York seems like the perfect next step for LEaF Translations. Founder of LEaF, Lucy Pembayun, grew up in York and has a really close personal connection to the city:

I have vivid memories of walking around town as a child and my mum telling me, my brother and my sister that “we are so lucky to live in York”. She used to say it so often that it became like a catchphrase. Now, when I am out and about in York with my own two children, I delight in saying it to them. It has become a kind of family tradition.

This close connection to the city and appreciation of what a fantastic place York is has made Lucy truly passionate about doing her bit to help promote York and all of the fabulous things it has to offer – from stunning architecture and fascinating history to brilliant local businesses.

As a result, joining Visit York has been a really proud moment for Lucy:

It feels a bit like I have come full circle. From leaving York after my A-levels to study German in Edinburgh and then moving to Germany for my post-graduate degree and to train as a translator, to returning to York after a few years in Leeds back in 2011. And now, combining my passion for my home city with my work. I am super excited about this journey and helping York’s tourist industry to continue to appeal to international tourists.

The timing is obviously not ideal. With Brexit looming on the horizon and putting a huge question mark over the future of international tourism and the lasting impact of coronavirus on the sector – we are definitely in uncertain times. But there are some positives too: York is set to host the Rugby League World Cup in 2021 – which will mean an influx of international tourists, including from France, Italy and Greece. It is a great opportunity for York to welcome tourists from these countries and LEaF will be supporting a number of local companies with expert translations to cater to French, Italian and Greek tourists.

And the best news? Fellow members of Visit York can access exclusive discounts on website translations and other translation services from LEaF.

For more information about Visit York or to find out more about all of the wondrous things that York has to offer, please visit the Visit York website.

LEaF joins the FSB

In other news, LEaF Translations can also announce that it is now a fully fledged member of the Federation of Small Businesses. The organisation works on behalf of small businesses across the UK and has provided some excellent support, including online networking sessions and webinars since the start of lockdown. The FSB also lobbies the government on behalf of the UK’s small businesses and has played a key role in securing many of the grants and funding packages that have been made available to both the self-employed and small businesses. For more information, please visit the Federation of Small Businesses.

Want to work with LEaF?

If you are interested in finding out more about our translation services for the tourist industry, how we can help you reach new international clients, or our discounts for fellow Visit York and FSB members, get in touch!

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About the Author


Lucy Pembayun, founder of the translation company LEaF Translations and a Qualified Member of the Institute of Translation & Interpreting (MITI), is a German to English translator with over 14 years’ experience. Her true passion lies in helping great, ethical businesses reach new international customers with excellent quality translations. Lucy specialises in German to English translations, including certified translations, websites, articles, sales brochures and other marketing materials.

Lucy graduated with an MA(Hons) in German from Edinburgh University before being awarded a DAAD scholarship to study for a post-graduate Masters in Germany. She has lived in Bamberg, Fulda and Berlin, and now resides in York, UK, with her husband, two children and fox red lab.

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