LEaF officially recognised as a 4-day week employer

When I founded LEaF Translations, one of my main motivations was to prove that there is a different way of doing business. I believe that the notion of businesses being focused around profit at all costs is extremely outdated. I am convinced that it is possible to build a successful company based around ethical values, around wanting to have a positive impact on other people and on wider society, whatever the industry. My desire to prove this is one of my main motivations for growing LEaF Translations and building it into a successful translation company – one that inspires other companies and people, both within the translation industry and beyond.

We have already been recognised by the Good Business Charter for our commitment to their 10 key values, spanning sustainability, fair tax, employee well-being, ethical sourcing and more. In fact, we were the first translation company in the UK to be officially accredited by the Good Business Charter. One of the pillars of the Good Business Charter centres around people – around employee well-being, fairer hours and contracts, and equality, diversity and inclusion. The 4-day week is a way of working that fits in perfectly with these values.

4 Day Week Certificate LEaF Translations

The current practice of working 9-5, five days a week doesn’t account for the fact that nowadays it is rare to have one stay-at-home parent or for how busy our lives have become. It makes it extremely difficult to fit in all the other jobs and admin and things that we need to do and leads to busy weekends and very little downtime. For parents, the 9-5, 5-day week means expensive childcare costs and often leads to an unequal share of the parenting and life admin falling on one of the parents, who is forced to work part-time or not work at all to pick up the childcare.

The 4-day week is a way to change this. Switching to a 4-day week brings many benefits:

  • improving work-life balance
  • boosting productivity
  • happier, healthier employees
  • improved mental health
  • lowering stress levels
  • lower childcare costs
  • fairer split of caring responsibilities between parents
  • more sustainable lifestyle due to less commuting
  • and more…

For me, the 4-day week represents a great opportunity to revolutionise the way we work in the 21st century. Fears of dropping a day leading to a fall in productivity have been proven unfounded. Working fewer hours actually leads to increased focus, while the extra day off work each week reduces stress levels and improves mental health, leading to happier, more productive employees.

I am extremely proud that LEaF Translations is part of this movement and hope that we can inspire other employers to adopt the 4-day week.

For more information about the 4-day week, please visit the 4 Day Week Campaign website.
If you have any questions about how the 4-day week works and how we implement the 4-day week here at LEaF Translations, get in touch.

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Lucy Pembayun is the founder of LEaF Translations and a qualified German to English translator. Specialising in marketing, website and SEO translations, Lucy spent over a decade working as a freelance translator before launching LEaF Translations back in 2017. A passionate advocate for ethical business and sustainability, Lucy recently spoke on the topic of Net Zero for Businesses at the annual Business Summit for the York and North Yorkshire region. Outside of work, Lucy enjoys exploring new places and cultures, playing and watching football, and spending time with her family and friends.