January newsletter: Good Business Charter, wabi-sabi & our goals for 2023

Welcome to the LEaF newsletter

Happy 2023! I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year and have started January full of enthusiasm for what this year may bring. Looking ahead is the theme of this month’s newsletter – as has become tradition, we share our goals for the year and hope we can inspire you too. We also have exciting news to share concerning our membership of the Good Business Charter, and a mini feature on one of our great clients – bicycle insurance cooperative, LAKA.
We hope that 2023 is a great year for you personally and professionally, and that we can continue adding a pinch of positivity and inspiration to your day each month through our monthly newsletters. Let’s make 2023 a year to remember (for the right reasons!)

Lucy – Founder of LEaF Translations

Re-accreditation with the Good Business Charter

Two years ago we were the first translation company to join the Good Business Charter and now we have been re-accredited. It feels fantastic to be recognised by this great organisation, whose values align so deeply with ours. To find out more about the GBC and our commitment to ethical business and sustainability, read our recent blog here.

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Word of the month

We thought this was a great word to begin the year and to share with you this January.​​​​​​
The Japanese concept of wabi-sabiis fabulous and we believe it is really important to try and find the beauty in everything, especially in imperfections.​​​​​​​​ Keep this in mind if you’re struggling to see the positives.​​​​​​​​​

Our goals for 2023:

  1. Sustainability is still a top priority for us, therefore we would like to reach 2500 trees planted in our virtual forest and 65t of carbon reduction. Keep an eye on our Ecologi page to see how we get on.
  2. We want to increase our reach and have the ability to inspire more people (either to love languages or to live sustainably), to do this we want to hit 500 Instagram followers and 600 LinkedIn followers.
  3. When it comes to our work in the industry, we couldn’t choose just one goal, we want to:
    • Increase our presence in Germany, we have more German content to come on our website.
    • Work with more ethical businesses like KOBA and Salt of the Earth to help them increase their international sales.
    • Grow our presence in the SEO industry and become the go-to SEO translation company.

What do you think?

In last month’s poll, we asked you:

We have set out work goals for this year, but have you made any goals for 2023? We’d love to know what you want to achieve this year.

What is the focus of your 2023 goal?
New hobbies

We can only give you four options but we know there are so many different goals out there so make sure to leave a comment or send us a message if you want to share yours, we’d love to hear them.

Introducing: LAKA

LAKA are a revolutionary bicycle insurance company and they are on a mission to change the face of insurance. We translated their website into German, as well as translating other marketing materials ready for the launch in Germany. To find out more about LAKA and the work we have done for them, check out this case study.

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About the Author


Kitty Trewhitt is a translation project manager at LEaF Translations. She oversees each phase of the translation project and keeps in contact with both the client and linguists throughout the process. Besides managing our projects, Kitty also translates and proofreads texts from French and Italian into English, as well as creating LEaF’s monthly newsletter and managing the company social media accounts.