September newsletter: turn over a new LEaF challenge, parea and website translations

Autumn is here and so are our September updates!

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Good morning and welcome to our September newsletter! We can safely say that summer has come to an end and autumn is officially underway – especially up North, the cold is a bit of a shock to the system after a sunny break in Italy! I was lucky enough to spend the last few weeks enjoying a wedding in the Tuscan hills of Italy, having some downtime by the pool with a good book, and eating plenty of pizza and pasta, but it has been a hectic few months. After 6 years, my university journey has finally come to an end and I have completed my Masters in Applied Translation Studies. Although I know I will miss student life, I am very excited for the next step into the working world where I can put my qualifications to good use. Just to add a bit of suspense, I will save that announcement for next month’s edition… Enjoy the read!

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Kitty – Translator & Marketing Assistant

Turn over a new LEaF challenge

Turn Over a New LEaF

Our Turn Over A New LEaF Challenge for 2023 has now come to an end. We hope you kicked off September in the best way possible by taking part in some of the challenges we set to look after yourself, those close to you and the wider community. It is not too late to have a go and make some positive changes, you can find all of the challenges on our blog post.

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Word of the month

We love this concept from Greek culture.

It is so important to have friends you can share experiences and ideas with, but also friends that you can have fun with!⁣


  • Earlier this month, Lucy attended Brighton SEO and had the best time. She made the most of the opportunity by attending some inspiring talks and meeting some great people. So much so that she booked straight on to the ATC conference last week!
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  • We have recently hit some social media milestones that we are very proud of: we now have 400 Instagram followers and 700 LinkedIn followers (we are already so close to 800)! A massive thank you for the support.
  • We will soon be publishing our most recent blog post on power words, keep an eye out for this as we give an insight into how your choice of language can affect the success of your business.

What do you think?

In last month’s poll, we asked you:

Fill the gap: “I walked straight ___ the shop.”

1) past
2) passed

It looks as though this wasn’t as tricky as I first anticipated as a massive 90% of people answered this poll correctly. The answer is, of course, ‘past’.

‘Passed’ is always used as a verb and, in this case, ‘past’ is used as a preposition to describe the direction of travel. Another correct sentence would be: “I passed the shop”.

Head to our Instagram Highlights and LinkedIn for this month’s poll:

With our next blog post focusing on power words and the effects that they can have on the reader, we want to see what you think.

Which of these English power words would most attract you to buying a product or service?


Keep an eye out for our blog post to learn more about this topic.

Our services: website translation

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If you want to show up on your potential customers’ search results, your website needs to be available in their language. The Google Translate plugin will not help you here.

At LEaF, we offer a website translation service you can trust, focusing on localisation and SEO.

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Kate Osborn is the office manager at LEaF Translations. She joined the LEaF team at the beginning of 2022 and has enjoyed taking on this new role. Kate loves meeting new clients and promoting the LEaF brand. Outside of work, Kate enjoys spending time with her family and friends, especially in the great outdoors. She is an enthusiastic runner, keen reader and novice gardener.