March newsletter: translator vs interpreter, jijivisha & our monthly poll: spelled or spelt?

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Hello and welcome to the March edition of the LEaF newsletter. It is a busy month, what with International Women’s Day and World Book Day. But first, (and I know you have all been waiting with baited breath!) we have news of how we got on at the FSB Awards in Leeds last month, where we were shortlisted for the Sustainability Award. As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also got a brand new blog post to share with you, plus the perfect article for everyone who has ever wondered what the difference is between a translator and an interpreter… Then there’s all the usual goodies, including our Word of the Month, our polls and a feature on another of our great clients. Happy March everyone!

Lucy – Founder of LEaF Translations

The difference between interpretation and translation

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While the translation industry is constantly changing, there is one thing that has always remained the same: the general public’s confusion between the role of a translator and the role of an interpreter. Check out this blog for more information on the topic, especially if you didn’t realise there was a difference! It is available in English and in German.

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Word of the month

How lovely is this Hindi word?​​​​​​​​
Jijivisha is a beautiful word, and one that serves as a great pick-me-up whenever we may be feeling down or like we are in a rut. ​​​​​​​​
It can be easy to get caught up with the speed of life, so reminders like this word can help us to take time out for the things we love and cherish. ​​​​​​​​


  • Lucy and Kate attended the FSB awards at the end of February. Although we didn’t win the award itself, this was a huge win for LEaF and we really appreciate the recognition for our efforts in sustainability. We will be sharing an Instagram reel soon so you can see what a fun day it was.
  • When translating content for business’ websites or marketing, it is important to both preserve and adapt the tone of voice. Read our recent blog post on the topic to find out more.
  • World Book Day was celebrated globally on 2nd March and we joined in by sharing the LEaF team and some of our translators’ favourite childhood books. Check out the posts on Instagram and LinkedIn.

What do you think?

In last month’s poll, we asked you:

Fill the gap: “It looks like it is ___ wrong.”

1) spelled          2) spelt

61% of you voted for ‘spelled’ while the other 39% voted for ‘spelt’. I am happy to announce that you are all correct here, this was a bit of a trick question and a few of you caught us out on that!

In British English, both spelled and spelt are correct and can be used interchangeably. In US English, only spelled is correct, spelt is not used.

Head to our Instagram Highlights and LinkedIn for this month’s poll:

In honour of World Book Day, we want to know more about your reading habits. We would love to know your favourite book genres but there are too many to do a simple poll. Instead, we are going with this:

What type of books do you prefer to read?

No preference

Leave a comment or send us a message with your favourite genres!

Introducing: Solarwall

Solarwall are a Swiss solar panel company who are on a mission to shape the energy revolution. We recently worked with them to complete SEO and English translations of their website, helping them to be more visible in an international market.

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About the Author


Kitty Trewhitt is a translation project manager at LEaF Translations. She oversees each phase of the translation project and keeps in contact with both the client and linguists throughout the process. Besides managing our projects, Kitty also translates and proofreads texts from French and Italian into English, as well as creating LEaF’s monthly newsletter and managing the company social media accounts.