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LEaF of late


Things have been pretty busy at LEaF of late. We have been working with lots of fabulous German companies, helping them to grow their businesses by expanding to international markets and English-speaking customers.


As a result, the LEaF blog has been somewhat rejected. So, apologies for that. The good news is that we have a plethora of great blog posts lined up for the near future, so stay tuned to learn some new English grammar (everyone’s favourite past-time!), to discover some false friends between English and German, and to find out more about a few of the fabulous companies that we have been working with.


As ever, if you have any questions about translation or any potential projects, please do get in touch – simply send an email to hello@leaftranslations.com and we will do all we can to help you.


Alternatively, if you have a question about English that has been bugging you, make sure you pop over to our Facebook page on Wednesdays – we give you the chance to ask any questions about English or translation in general, and we will do our best to provide you with a useful answer.


See you over there!

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