January newsletter: translating Amazon listings, Kaizen & spending Christmas abroad

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Happy New Year everyone! Hopefully you managed to take some time off over Christmas and New Year and are ready for whatever 2022 has to throw at us! Whatever that may be, we will be here to brighten up your inbox each month with some great words that English is really missing out on, polls about languages, travel and culture, news of some of the great companies we work with and more.

To kick us off for 2022, this edition includes our must-read guide on translating Amazon listings, as well as news of a fantastic UK company that we are helping sell natural deodorants and other ethical cosmetics overseas.

Whatever your resolution for 2022, we hope you have a great year.

Lucy – Founder of LEaF Translations

Translating Amazon listings: the ultimate guide

amazon listings blog 3.jpg LEaF Translations

Amazon is one of the biggest global online retailers and can provide so many opportunities to get your products seen. If you have successful Amazon listings (or even if you have just begun your Amazon journey), translating your listings will help you to reach new international audiences. We have created a helpful guide to translating your listings if this is something you have considered. In it we cover everything from translation and localisation to keyword research – everything you need to nail your foreign-language Amazon listings. Make sure to check it out here.

Word of the month

We think this Japanese term is perfect for our first ‘Tricky to Translate’ word of the year!

Kaizen can mean ‘change for the better’ or ‘continuous improvement’, something that many of us will be hoping to see with our New Year’s Resolutions and goals for 2022 over the coming weeks/months/year.

Keep reading to see our goals for 2022.


  1. Firstly, we hope to continue making a positive impact on the environment and our surroundings. To do this we will continue to follow our mission statement, as well as growing our Ecologi forest
  2. Secondly, we want to ensure sustainability is embedded in every part of our business. This includes our recruitment process – we have a new vacancies page coming to our website, which we will share with you soon!
  3. Finally, we wish to help more great companies reach out to new international customers with our translation services in order to grow their businesses and provide them with new opportunities. 

What do you think?

In last month’s poll, we asked you:

Would you spend Christmas abroad?

This was definitely the most divided response that we have had from one of our monthly polls so far – 67% of you voted no.

It seems that most people like the comfort of home at Christmas, or the hygge feeling (a word we discovered in our Christmas Insta series). For me, home is where my family and loved ones are, so if I could take them all with me I would definitely travel (especially to somewhere snowy) but I also love the comfort of home.

Head to our Instagram Highlights and LinkedIn for this month’s poll:

We’re going back to a tricky grammar question for this month’s poll, focusing on a really common verb that is so easily confused. Tune in next month to hear our explanations.

Complete the sentence with what you think is the correct verb:
“Go and ___ down on the sofa.”
1) lie 
2) lay 
3) both options work

Introducing: Salt of the Earth

Salt of the Earth make 100% natural deodorants and other environmentally friendly skincare products. These products are stocked by a variety of retailers, including Amazon. We are translating their Amazon listings to help them bring their fantastic ethical products to customers outside the United Kingdom.

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Kitty Trewhitt is a translation project manager at LEaF Translations. She oversees each phase of the translation project and keeps in contact with both the client and linguists throughout the process. Besides managing our projects, Kitty also translates and proofreads texts from French and Italian into English, as well as creating LEaF’s monthly newsletter and managing the company social media accounts.