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Tourism translation services:
reaching new audiences with words.

Whether you’re a restaurant in need of a menu translation, or a hotel in need of a website translation, here at LEaF translations, we have a dedicated and passionate team ready to help you reach new audiences.

Although our translation team is small, each member is hand-selected based on their knowledge, experience and background. This means that we have translators with extensive backgrounds in tourism who will be chosen to work on your project.

We all know how hard it can be when you visit a country, only to find that you are unable to read important information or leaflets designed for tourists and visitors. This is why we’ve made it our mission to make tourism accessible to everyone.

Based in the heart of York, we’ve worked with hotels, restaurants and attractions, translating a range of tourist material, including guides, marketing documents, menus and websites.


Travel and tourism translation services

LEaF regularly translates the following types of documents for the travel & tourism industry – from hotel websites to guide books to entire marketing campaigns for regional tourism, LEaF is your experienced translation partner for the tourism sector.

websites for hotels and guesthouses websites for hotels and guesthouses
marketing for tourist attractions marketing for tourist attractions
restaurant menus restaurant menus
press releases press releases
marketing for local festivals and events marketing for local festivals and events

In 2019, just over 37 million people visited the UK from all over the world. Although many of those people spoke English as a second language, many of them did not. Businesses without bilingual websites or materials lose potential customers if they do not cater to them in their native tongue.

Whether you need translations of physical documents, such as guidebooks and marketing pamphlets, or a translation of your website, call us on 01904 373077, or email us at hello@leaftranslations.com to see how we can help.


A word from our clients...

Extremely high quality and a very friendly service. A highly recommended translation company!

Ludmilla Kuhlen

KUHLEN Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten, Berlin

We are extremely satisfied and, as we are just beginning our English-language marketing, I will definitely be in touch again.

Resort Mark Brandenburg

Laura Stönner

The website was translated by the wonderful Lucy from LEaF Translations. Lucy was easy to work with and professional – just as it should be 🙂


Petra Jahn-Firle

Cater to every opportunity with fully translated
materials and websites

Cater to every opportunity with fully translated </br>materials and websites

At LEaF, we’re passionate about language and we’re experts in translation, which means that we know just how important high-quality and effective translations are for the tourism industry. While in the UK, we’re treated to an abundance of translations when we go abroad, when our foreign friends visit us from other countries, they are not so lucky. In fact, failing to have a fully translated website can actually be harmful for your business. For instance, if a German visitor was to search for a hotel near them, using the German word “Unterkunft”, your hotel may not be as likely to appear within the search results without a translated website. Studies have also found that people pay more attention to websites and materials written in their native language when abroad. Only around half pay the same amount of attention if the information is written in another language. 


With years of experience within the translation industry, we know how tempting it is to use free apps and translation services, but the truth is that these solutions omit the nuance and sophistication of high-quality translations. 


As a small York-based translation business, we operate lean and flexible services to ensure the best and most competitive prices. As we are not VAT-registered, we can offer a 20% saving based on this fact alone. What’s more, as well as offering expert translators, we also offer SEO expertise for website translations, which means we can help boost your performances in local searches, helping you make the most of every opportunity.

Take a look at our languages

Every single member of our team is hand-selected based on their experience, background, and passion for language, which means that we have built a translation team that caters to every need and goal of your business. With such a varied ensemble of skilled translators, we’re delighted to offer translations for the tourism industry in a range of languages, including in:


English to French
English to Spanish
English to German
English to Italian


We also have lots of experience working with German tourist associations and hotels to help translate their websites into English. If you’re a business based in the tourism industry from outside the UK, we’re more than happy to work with you to translate your materials into English.


With native speakers and translators from a range of countries, we offer a highly flexible service that provides intelligent and flawless translations every single time.


In fact, every single word is proofread by a second expert before delivery to a client. What’s more, you will be provided with a profile of the person working on your project, and our founder, Lucy, will be in touch every step of the way to ensure that you are never out of the loop.

Take a look at our languages

Did you know…

…that our translations are carbon neutral? We work together with the good people at Offset Earth to help fund climate projects around the world and to plant the equivalent of 50 trees a month.

Want to work with us?

Dedicated translations for the travel & tourism sector

Dedicated translations for the travel & tourism sector

Entirely flexible in our approach to translation, we’re proud to offer our translation services for a range of documents and materials, including:


translations of newsletters, emails and digital marketing materials
translations of websites, blogs and news articles
translations of brochures and leaflets
translations of travel guides
translations for museums and tourist attractions


Of course, this list is not exhaustive, so if you require translations of other types of materials or documents, we are more than happy to discuss your individual translation needs.

Case study: Hotel Mirabell website translation

In 2019, we worked together with the Berlin-based advertising agency Männer & Müller to provide translations for two hotel websites in Munich – the Mirabell and the Metropol. While Männer & Müller focused on the website redesign, we focused on our area of expertise: English translations.


The result: two fantastic English-language websites showcasing the very best sides of the Hotel Mirabell and the Hotel Metropol in Munich, Germany.

Case study: Hotel Mirabell website translation

“Would definitely recommend: LEaF are fast, friendly and proactive!”
Mona Breulmann, Männer & Müller

Why choose LEaF as your partner for tourist translations

Why choose LEaF as your partner for tourist translations

With skilled translators with backgrounds in tourism, we provide personal, intelligent and peerless translations for the tourism industry. In fact, we have worked with several tourist associations across Europe, including the EU-funded Terroir Moselle project and several regional tourism associations in Germany.


Some of our largest projects also include a number of hotels throughout Germany, such as the beautiful hotel Villino near Lake Constance and the prestigious Resort Mark Brandenburg.


With that in mind, however, we are a lean company and work with businesses of all sizes, which means that our quotes are always competitive and are designed to work with just about any budget. What’s more, LEaF is also a carbon-neutral company and has recently partnered with Offset Earth to ensure that no matter what, we’re leaving a positive impact in everything we do. Read more about our core beliefs and ethics.

Don’t forget, we offer:

* A fixed price quote
* A fixed deadline
* Highly qualified, native speaker translators
* SEO expertise
* A personal service

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