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LEaF Translations provides professional translation services for companies and organisations from a number of different industries. Our expert, native-speaker translators translate from and into English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

We are based in York but we do not restrict ourselves by geography. We welcome like-minded clients from around the world. If you need a translation in one of our language combinations and want to work with a translation company that cares, then get in touch!

Your words are our thing

Here at LEaF we care about our clients and their words. Our utmost priority is to provide a translation that conveys the true meaning and tone of the original text. In order to do that, the translator needs to have a good grasp of the terminology used in the respective industry. That is why we only offer translations in industries that we are familiar with and passionate about, including marketing translations, translations for the tourist industry, translations for the green & sustainability sector, IT & software translations and translations for startups and small businesses.

We do not translate contracts, medical translations or financial documents.

Whilst this may mean putting off potential clients, it is the only way for us to guarantee a high-quality, professional translation service. And that is our bread and butter.

Our Languages

We provide translations for the following industries...

Advertising & PR


Advertising translation and transcreation requires both flair and an expert command of language. Translating advertising materials into English is a creative process, involving word plays, idioms, rhymes, alliteration and more. Google Translate is no help here!
Our advertising & PR translation services include brochures, flyers, press releases and website headlines.

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LEaF TranslationsLEaF TranslationsLEaF Translations

The internet has given all companies the opportunity to go global. eCommerce websites can market and sell their products to people all over the world - all you need is a multilingual website. Here at LEaF, we can translate your website into English, German, French, Spanish & Italian, so that you can attract customers from across Europe and beyond.
Let us help you grow your business.

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Green & Sustainability


We are passionate about doing our bit to make sure our planet is fit for future generations. There are lots of great companies who feel the same way and some are doing amazing things. If you are active in the green sector, we could be your perfect translation partner. We believe in working with like-minded people who want to make things better for everyone. You do too? Let's work together to increase your impact.

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IT & Software


IT is a vital cog in the modern machine and for multinational companies, it is essential that the IT systems and software are available in more than one language. Here at LEaF Translations, we can translate and localise your IT systems, software, mobile apps, APIs and databases into English, German, French, Italian and Spanish, so that both your staff and your customers can utilise them properly.

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LEaF TranslationsLEaF TranslationsLEaF Translations

When it comes to marketing, language is everything. LEaF translation company specialises in marketing translations and creates high-quality, bespoke translations of your marketing materials in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.
Examples of our translations include digital products, press releases, product catalogues, sales brochures, business communications, staff magazines, PowerPoints, PDF files and more.

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Media & Entertainment


Press releases, newspaper & magazine articles, reviews and more - LEaF Translations has oodles of experience in translating digital content into our core languages of English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.
In today's world, speed is of the essence, especially in the media and entertainment industries. Here at LEaF, we respond to all enquiries swiftly, agree a deadline with the client and, most importantly, stick to it.

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Startups & Home Businesses


As a relatively young business, we know how hard it can be for startups and home businesses to grow. We love nothing more than working with people trying to create something good and to make a difference.
We have translated eCommerce websites, sewing patterns & instructions, professional websites for lawyers & accountants, and more. Let us help you reach out to international customers to grow your business.

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Tourists do not necessarily speak your language, but if you are a company or organisation working within the tourist industry, these people are your main clients. In order to communicate effectively with them, you need to speak their language. LEaF Translations can provide English, German, French, Spanish & Italian translations of websites, menus, descriptions of exhibits, flyers and more. In short, everything that tourist businesses need to speak to their clients.

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We care: about your words, about your business, about our planet

We may be a translation company, but that doesn’t mean we have to limit our ambition. We make no bones about it: we are here to do good. The primary aim in everything that we do is to have a positive impact.

We craft your words into excellent copy in the target language – always by native speakers, always conveying the same tone as the original text.

We work with you to speak to your customers or your employees in a way that is true to your business, to your brand, to your message. We are here to help you reach out to more people, to attract more clients, to see beyond borders.

And we do all this, so that we can increase our own impact. The more clients we have, the greater our positive influence. And, the more we grow, the more great people we can work with, and the more we can give back to our planet (via our good friends at Offset Earth).


Extremely high quality and a very friendly service. A highly recommended translation company!
[Ludmilla Kuhlen, Kuhlen Lawyers]

We are on a mission to help great businesses and individuals enrich the world with their awesome ideas, products and services. Let us help you increase your impact.

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