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How do you translate “Impressum” into English?

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If you have a company website in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, the law states that you must have an “Impressum”. But how do you translate “Impressum” into English? What is the English word for “Impressum”? Incorrect translations abound.

In this article I give the correct English translation of “Impressum” and tell you how you can get your hands on a FREE English translation of your Impressum.


What is the English word for “Impressum”?

Impressum? Imprint? Legal Notice? Legal Disclosure? All of these terms are commonly used to translate “Impressum”. Two of them are incorrect, however.

1) Impressum – Impressum in German, impressum in English? Well, it would be a nice, simple solution, but, unfortunately, it isn’t correct. The word “Impressum” comes from Latin and is not really used in the English language.

2) Imprint – “imprint” is the literal translation of “Impressum”, but the English word has a different meaning: “imprint” is most commonly used in the sense of making a physical impression on something. The term is also used within publishing, but is limited to use in books and other printed media. “Imprint” is not used for the “Impressum” on websites.

3) Legal Notice and Legal Disclosure – we finally come to the correct English translations of “Impressum”. Both versions are possible and widely used, although “Legal Notice” is probably more common and is, therefore, the preferred version here at LEaF Translations.


I need my “Impressum” translating into English. What are my options?

Well, you are in luck! We have created a FREE English Impressum template for you. All you need to do is enter your email address and you will be sent the link to the Impressum template. Then simply fill in your own company details and you are good to go!


If you would prefer a bespoke translation of your “Impressum” then you can make the most of LEaF Translations’ exclusive offer: We will translate your Impressum into English for just 50 EUR. (Please note, there may be an additional charge for Impressum texts that are over 500 words in length).

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About the author


Lucy Pembayun is a German to English translator with over ten years of professional translation experience and the founder of LEaF Translations.
She graduated with an MA(Hons) in German from Edinburgh University before being awarded a DAAD scholarship to study for a post-graduate Masters in Germany. She has lived in Bamberg, Fulda and Berlin, and now resides in York, UK, with her husband and two young children.