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LEaF Translations translates Fulda’s German website into English

Fulda has a reputation as being Hesse’s most picturesque baroque town. And I’m inclined to agree. I may be slightly biased though – I spent two years in this wonderful town in the centre of Germany. Fulda is definitely worth a visit. Unlike the large German cities of Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich and Berlin, Fulda has a rather slower pace. But don’t be fooled into thinking this means that there isn’t a lot going on here. Quite the opposite!

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There’s so much to see in Fulda

Fulda’s highlights include famous pieces of architecture from bygone eras: the cathedral with the Boniface crypt, the Residence, the Residence Gardens and St. Michael’s Church – one of the oldest churches in Germany. Fulda also has a unique cultural scene – there can’t be many other German cities with fewer than 100,000 inhabitants and so much going on! From musicals to open-air concerts, museums, events and leisure activities – there is something for everyone here and an activity to suit every mood. And, once you’ve finished exploring the town and feel like escaping into the countryside, you need look no further than the nearby Rhön and Vogelsberg mountains – home to stunning hiking trails, cycle paths and more.

Attracting more visitors with multilingual content

Lots of people don’t (yet) know about the town of Fulda and how much it has to offer. The City of Fulda wants to change this and has already made great strides in the right direction: Fulda’s website aimed at tourists was fully revamped in 2023, with new content and visuals designed to showcase the town’s many offerings and to make it more attractive to visitors. The website was initially designed and launched in German, as most tourists come from within Hesse or from neighbouring German states.

But this posed a challenge: What about all the potential tourists who don’t speak German? They also need to be able to discover all that Fulda has to offer. And that is where LEaF Translations came in. Our job was to provide a high-quality German to English website translation – a translation that conveyed the messaging of the original German website and retained the style of the content, all the while speaking directly to English-speaking tourists in a language they understand. We spent three months from November 2023 to January 2024 working on this project and making the English website a reality.

A personal connection combined with true expertise = a perfect match!

Here at LEaF, we were thrilled to be commissioned for this project. Not least because I have so many happy memories from my time in Fulda. During the translation process, I was able to relive my time in the beautiful German town, to revisit the sights in my mind’s eye, to imagine strolling through the streets of the old town (and even pop into my old apartment!). The memories and recollections that this particular project evoked brought many a smile to my face. 😊

“Now that we have an English version of our tourism website, we can show more people who don’t speak German how great Fulda is – whether they are tourists, potential students for Fulda’s University of Applied Sciences, skilled labour from abroad or migrants.”

 (Rebecca Mihm, City of Fulda)

Translating Fulda’s tourism website was a perfect job for us due to our specialism in translating content for the tourist industry. To date, we have provided translations for several tourist associations, tourist attractions and hotels, including the Resort Mark Brandenburg.

We know that you need professionals to make jobs like this a success – translators who understand the languages in question, who are familiar with word plays and who get SEO. This is the only way to guarantee a high-quality translation.

A collaborative translation project

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This translation project saw us work closely with the tourism office in Fulda, but also with the Fulda-based web agency ADDVALUE. They had developed the website and were in charge of the content management system, Typo3. In order to facilitate the translation process, we first needed to export the German content. This required a familiarity with Typo3 and close co-operation with ADDVALUE. Once we had translated the content, the English files then needed to be uploaded back onto Typo3. The content comprised around 40,000 words so a great deal of care was needed here!

“I was impressed by the efficient translation process. The focus was always on providing solutions, right through the project. It was clear from the off that we were working with professionals who knew what they were doing.”

 (Rebecca Mihm, City of Fulda)

A great-looking website that overcomes language barriers

Fulda is not just known for its baroque buildings and labyrinthine old town. The town has also made a reputation for itself when it comes to matters of inclusion, in particular when it comes to the participation of people with disabilities.

Vibrant, diverse towns also need to overcome language barriers – which brings us back to the translation of the tourism website. The English-language content on Fulda’s tourism website can now attract so many more visitors to the town. And that is not the only benefit – it also demonstrates the town’s openness and makes it clear to international tourists that they will be welcome in Fulda.

So, if you are looking for a place to visit and you have never been to Fulda, you should definitely plan a trip to Hesse’s most picturesque baroque town!

p.s. A big thanks to Petra from textgenial for making it all possible, to Rebecca from the team at Fulda for her excellent co-operation and management of the project, and to Franz from ADDVALUE for his technical expertise and assistance throughout the project.

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