Tourists speak English. Make sure your website does too with our English translations for the tourist industry...


Imagine the scene: You are looking to book your next holiday abroad. You find two hotels with great reviews on TripAdvisor. You open up both websites but only one has been translated into a language you can understand. Which hotel do you book?

In today’s global world, it is essential for German hotels and guesthouses to be able to attract non-German-speaking guests. And the best way to do this: With a professionally translated website.

Your website is your shop window – a reflection of who you are. The international version of your website should be as inviting as your hotel lobby. If people don’t feel welcome then they will look elsewhere.

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Refurbish your brand.

Poorly translated websites are like scruffy lobbies: they look unprofessional and they may even put-off potential guests for fear of not being understood when they arrive.


Let LEaF Translations work its magic on your German website and marketing materials so that you can focus on being fully booked.


Our translator-in-chief, Lucy Pembayun, has been producing first-class English translations for the German tourist industry for over ten years. She regularly translates web pages and marketing materials for two of the leading regional tourism associations in Germany, and is equally at home translating hotel websites, restaurant menus, information about local festivals and events, and press releases.


“We are extremely satisfied and, as we are just beginning our English-language marketing, I will definitely be in touch again.”
Laura Stönner, Marketing Director at the Resort Mark Brandenburg

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LEaF regularly translates the following
texts for the tourist industry:

hotel descriptions hotel descriptions
tourist brochures tourist brochures
local festivals & events local festivals & events
press releases press releases
hotel and guesthouse websites hotel and guesthouse websites
restaurant menus restaurant menus
tourist attractions tourist attractions

Give yourself an unfair advantage.

The tourist industry is extremely competitive. There are hundreds of hotels and guesthouses in Germany. The smart ones have English websites. They speak directly to the 942 million English speakers around the globe. It is a small detail giving them an unfair advantage. Tourists speak English. Your marketing materials should too.


Find out more about one of our English translations for the tourist industry: our German-English translation of the hotel website for the Resort Mark Brandenburg.

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