LEaF 2020

2020 feels like the start of something big: a new decade full of new potential, but also the worrying backdrop of climate change, a darkening political mood, both in the UK and other parts of the globe, and the possibility of a global coronavirus pandemic.

If ever there was a year to take action, to be bold and push yourself to do the things that you have been meaning to for years, and to make changes to your own life – for your own and the greater good – this is it.

Looking back on 2019

2019 was a good year for LEaF Translations. We have launched new partnerships with some fantastic German companies and entrepreneurs, and started a new long-term collaboration with Global-Tickets – a company based in the Netherlands that provides tickets and holiday packages for top sports events across Europe. We have also continued to support the organic and fair trade chocolate company VIVANI with excellent English content, and have maintained our partnership with Caphenia – a company developing technology to produce carbon-neutral fuels.

We have translated several websites into English, including the website for the European Aviation Security Center and the websites for two German hotels in Munich.

German to English website translation for EASC

Over the past twelve months we have translated texts about:

animation, aviation, beauty treatments, biscuits, Brexit,
chocolate, door handles, electric cars, furniture,
German Christmas markets, hotels, lighting, Munich,
Offenbach am Main, restaurant menus, running, sewing instructions,
smoothies, software, spas, sport, sustainability,
trade exhibitions, a university science journal, workwear
and even a lemon cheesecake drink…

These texts have spanned a number of industries and a number of specialist subjects, from sustainability to marketing, from translations for the tourism industry to food. Although the subject matter varies, one thing always stays the same: our desire to provide our clients with the best possible translations.

“The website was translated by the wonderful Lucy from LEaF Translations. Lucy was easy to work with and professional – just as it should be.”
Petra Jahn-Firle, textgenial

LEaF 2020

So what does 2020 mean for LEaF?

Well, we are not a company to rest on our laurels. Over the past year, we have provided translations for lots of fabulous clients in a whole range of sectors, we have streamlined our processes and we have created a clear vision for the future. And it is one that we are very excited about.

Here are some of the things to look out for in 2020:

1) Certified translations
LEaF Translations is now able to provide certified German to English translations, as well as certified Spanish to English translations. As a result, LEaF Translations can now help individuals who need their passports, marriage certificates, ID cards, degree certificates etc. translating from German or Spanish into English.

2) Carbon-neutral translations
Here at LEaF, we are extremely passionate about the environment. As part of our desire to show that business can be a force for good, we have always sought to minimise our impact on the planet:

  • We are a paperless company (except for certified translations, which require paper copies)
  • We seek to avoid single-use plastics
  • We try to recycle as much as possible (from tin foil to tetrapaks)
  • Our electricity is 100% renewable
  • We restrict our travel to public transport, walking or cycling and a plug-in hybrid car.

But we can always do more. And that is why, in 2020, LEaF Translations is going carbon-neutral. Watch this space for more details…

3) New language combinations to serve clients in the UK
In addition to certified translations, we often get asked if we can provide translations in language combinations other than German to English. Until now, we have always said no. But this is going to change. We are currently curating a small pool of highly experienced and highly qualified translators, so that we can offer translations into and from languages including French, Spanish and Italian. More details to follow in due course.

As you can see, 2020 promises to be an exciting year for LEaF Translations. There are some big changes afoot, but we believe that the best way to have a more positive impact on the world around us is to expand our horizons. We are driven by a desire to show that business can be ethical. LEaF Translations is the translation company that cares. We have a lot to give and a lot to bring to the table.

2020 is where it all begins…

LEaF globe white

About the Author

Lucy LEaF blog 2021


Lucy Pembayun, founder of the translation company LEaF Translations and a Qualified Member of the Institute of Translation & Interpreting (MITI), is a German to English translator with over 14 years’ experience. Her true passion lies in helping great, ethical businesses reach new international customers with excellent quality translations. Lucy specialises in German to English translations, including certified translations, websites, articles, sales brochures and other marketing materials.

Lucy graduated with an MA(Hons) in German from Edinburgh University before being awarded a DAAD scholarship to study for a post-graduate Masters in Germany. She has lived in Bamberg, Fulda and Berlin, and now resides in York, UK, with her husband, two children and fox red lab.

Contact Lucy directly now.